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In this case the sensory and emotional experience is dictated by conceptualized standards, as may be agreed upon by others, and what is of consequence to them, which may perhaps be a genuine dislike of the rain, or it may be simply the fear of being thought of as the saying suggests. In which case the conception controls the experience and the emotional response.


The Conceptual Emotional Dynamic represents the Sensory Response System of the individual, in which it is determined that any or all elements of the Given Existence to include humankind, are absent any inherent consequence. This determination necessitates the need for a method of determining value and consequence which is termed the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, as a means to establish the value of any given state or entity by comparison to opposed poles. This is like the value of the middle class person may be assessed as some degree between the lower and upper classes. The opposed poles are termed the Antithetical Matrix at the negative end of the scale, and the Metaphysical Ideal and Extra Mundane Authority at the positive end. The Dyadic Authoritative Comparative is a conceptual model which is conditioned and becomes an automatic associative process, which as such is termed the Antipodal Associative Paradigm. The Conceptual Emotional Dynamic represents the individual in which the sensory response is conceptual. This means that oppositional sensory attributes such as black and white are associated with Consequential Value such as bad and good, black hat and white hat, which are in turn derived from the scale of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.

The Conceptual Emotional Dynamic is an antagonistic response system in which the consequence of various states and entities is considered as antithetical to each other. The consequence of the existence of one religion may be considered as antithetical to another and humankind in general. This produces the bipolarity of emotion as love/hate dichotomies which are antagonistic. If the consequence of the individual does not correspond to some acceptable degree in terms of the Metaphysical Ideal or Extra Mundane Authority, the individual may feel themselves to have little or no consequence and thus possess a self-hatred.