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Material Body is of the physical which is fixed stable, solid, predictable, as a stone is and stays a stone. Mind is of an opposite dimension which replicates reality. The mind is impermanent, fickle, changeable, creative, duplicative of the physical reality and which can be changed and altered by imagination in any manner desired. The dichotomy of matter and mind is the dualism most pervasive of the psychology of humankind.

Only human change is Progressive, defined as states considered superior to pre-conditions, which in the productive utilization of material resource may destroy pre-existent states without regard to future viability and sustainment. Thus Progress is propertied as Context or resulting from memory and mind.

Principle Property - Cognizance :

Human interpretation as acted upon is called Cognizance which is the Product of Condition and Context. One's Cognizance or what one is aware is said to be relative to one's interpretations of Conditions by means of one's individual content of Context, as mind and memory. Cognizance is said to be primarily related to Consequence, or what one perceives relative to what one considers important. What is on the ground is not noticed unless lost money is discovered there.

MetaProperty - The Whole :

The Whole is correlated to Condition. The MetaProperty Part is corresponded to Context and the MetaProperty Product is associated with Cognizance. A Whole is described as circumscribed domain, composed of numerically limited multiplicity of elements or Parts, which comprise a Unified Function in conjunction with each other.

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