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Every Whole is a Part of a larger Whole and every Part is a Whole in and of itself. A lung internal to itself is a Whole, but at the same time a Part, as oxygenating blood external to itself, of a body which is a Whole but a Part of a larger environment.

The difference between a Whole and a Part is said to be that the primary function of a Whole is to produce Products internal to itself as a viable environment for each of its Parts. The primary function of a Part is said to produce products external to itself, that benefits the function of the Whole. A factory is a Whole in and of itself, but its primary and Unified Function is to produce products for use external as razor blades. If an entity such as the planet Earth produces no discernible products external to itself, it is called a Choate Whole and thus could be said to be not a Part, though it is a Part of a solar system and galaxy.

Products internal to a Whole or a Part that are produced as change is called Conservative, or that which promotes self-preservation and duplication in exact or near-like form, thus preserving the Whole as what it is. Unabated alteration such as cancer of the body will destroy the Whole. Progress is not complimentary to a Whole, since change alters what a Whole is, so that it isn't what it was any longer. Is new an improved Coca Cola - Coke anymore ? Progress then would be the function of the Part, as Products produced external to the laws that govern the planetary ecosystem. The Whole is correlated with the SubProperties of Conservative, Polytheism. Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.

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