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MetaProperty - The Part :

Context as mind and memory may be Conservative as an individual or cultural inclination, or may be Progressive. If planetary nature is a Whole - a Part external to that ecosystem is Excess & Profit, which is inherently Progressive and is called Materialism, since all natural entities become material resource for profit including humankind. The Part is correlated to Progression, in that the Part would be capable of objectives independent of and external to the Whole, as war is directed against externalities never internally to the National Whole unless a civil war.

And thus is introduced the concept of Antithetical Opposition, which means all natural conditions or change antithetical to human pretensions of Excess and Profit is considered antithetical to human Morality. Because nature to include Socialism which is non-profit is Conservative, meaning it preserves itself in exact or near like manner, and does not make a profit, is considered by the strictures of Progressive Materialism as invalid and of no Consequence and even evil. Activity and behavior expended should produce something in excess of the previous state to make any sense.

Progressive Materialism is correlated to the MetaProperty the Part by the concept of Finite Determination, the Progressive Materialist system of Consequential Evaluation wherein Products produced determine and define the Consequence of the producer.

If the Whole is defined by Products produced internal to itself, and the Part by Products produced external, Finite Determination is the Evaluative System of the Part. The individual produced a million bucks and thus was called a millionaire. The Progressive Materialist Identity is synonymous with what the individual produces external to the self, as last names originated with such Products produced such as Baker, Weaver, Potter, Coleman, Goldstone, Smith or Cook.

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