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Finite Determination designates the creation of results and products as altered states, which construe and explain the activity and behavior of change as increased value and Consequence. The Part is correlated with the SubProperties of Progressive, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.

MetaProperty - The Product :

Results and Products are qualities and conditions produced from the activity and behavior of change, either as natural, or human created. Products are said to be produced internal to a Whole and external to a part. An internal Product is the composition, constitution and dynamic of the Whole as actuality within itself. An external Product is the function of the Part as produced external to itself like the lungs produce oxygen for the Whole body.

MetaProperty - The All :

Human cultural existence compatible with Condition as a Product internal to the Whole of the natural planetary world is called Indigenous, which is pre-industrial pre-Excess and Profit culture, that is Conservative and complimentary to the Whole.

Indigenous peoples are here distinguished by the economics of Necessity and Subsistence, as opposed to the economics of Excess and Profit practiced by modern Progressive Materialism, which is the exploitation of the natural world's resources for over-abundance. Since there is no Excess and Profit in the natural world, every being is entitled to the necessity of its subsistence as the construct of all living things.

All is associated with community, altruism, commonality, public, government, social union. All is every entity or individual as an inclusive Part of a Whole, comprised of a Unified Function in common with All the Parts. All means the Whole of Condition as the given planetary existence inclusive of every living thing the commonality of All life. All means any given microcosm as a lake or wood designated as a Whole.

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