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All is defined as those elements in common to given Whole as air, sky, weather, earth or water. That Associated with All is Conservative, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.

The evaluative system of the Conservative Paradigm is called Optimum Correspondence, which means value and Consequence is a fixed quality, innate to the construct of any given entity, as best or optimum operating correspondence to situation, circumstance and conditions, as optimum vegetable growing temperature or optimum rainfall. Evaluation is degrees less or more than optimum or ideal as for most people one-hundred degrees is too hot and forty degrees is too cold, or too much or too little sleep, food, water or exercise. The fixed states of Optimum Correspondence are empirically true and not subjective.

MetaProperty - The One :

The MetaProperty One is the pinnacle of the Progressive system. One is associated with the Part which operates independent of the Whole, as criminal organizations operate outside the confines of the law. One is the principle premise of Progressive Materialism in which Consequence is established by the evaluative system of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.

Valuation is some degree between two opposite poles or top and bottom, elite and common, refined and primitive, rich and poor, beauteous and ugly or prince and pauper, in which the individual's Consequence is evaluated as some degree in-between, as added from the bottom and subtracted from the top. One means the top as elite, select, paragon, exclusive or superior. The bottom is the natural, common, un-educated, unrefined or un-prosperous and sometimes All. The ethic of One is self-interest, self-serving, autocratic and individualistic. The common All is to serve the superior One as most high and represents Monarchy and Monotheism. One is a Triadic MetaProperty attributable of Progression and Monotheism. One is a Triadic MetaProperty attributable of Progression, the Part, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.

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