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The Ego proceeds from Context as mind and memory, and is the first personality developed from a wee infant. The primary function of the Ego is the Interpretation of Condition thru the Context of Incarnation as anything that affects the body. The Ego is called Conservative, which means its function is to evaluate the bodies correspondence to specific and constant performance correspondent to its environment and its own optimum operation. The primary function is as the Whole - to protect and preserve the body. The Ego is the first and primary personality, thinking-I, decision-maker and selector of association. See Bumble Bee - associate sting, Bumble or honey from the memory.

The Ego is a selector of Association in the interest of one body and one body only, while the individual may adopt any number of Identities and Ipseities, as personifications to accomplish objectives as nurse, maid, housekeeper, mother or civic matron.

The Ego is attributed to the MetaProperty All because the definition means here what is common to All, and the same as in this case of all bodies. Every body has the same or near identical organs. What is common to All is that everyone has an Ego, and a same and similar body defined as the first personality formed from the childhood's very beginning. The Ego is corresponded to Conservative, Whole, All, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.

MetaProperty - Identities :

The Identities also proceed from Context as mind and memory, which are personifications created first by the Ego then perhaps Identities create Identities, the primary function of which is to accomplish objectives such as writer, poet, teacher, clerk, mother, father or cook. Identities are created as alternative personalities to the Ego, which as Progressive to create alternatives, are often in conflict with the Conservative Ego. The Conservative Ego does certainly not appreciate a sky-diver Identity.

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