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Identities as personifications of objectives may accord to the body as to objectives desired such as weight training or long distance running. While the Ego is affiliated with the MetaProperty All, Identities tend to accord to the One as producers or Progressive objectives. The desires for fame, fortune, power are all products of Identities. The body doesn't care. Rich food is bad for the body whether it consciously knows it or not.

With the introduction of Excess & Profit and industrialized Progressive Materialism, the number of Identities possible for the individual is expanded even to the possibility of hundreds of different Identities from gardener to astro-physicist. The Identities are equated with Progressive, the One, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.

MetaProperty - Ipseities :

Ipseities are objective oriented personifications which represent other-dimensional being as Spiritual or Religious characterizations. Spiritual Ipseities take the form of nature spirits. As with Identities, there can be any number of Ipseities as is found in tales of mythology or as such as tree, lake or field spirits. Religious Ipseities are primarily emulative persononages of the past now deceased, that act as instructive illustration to the betterment and perfection of the individual.

SubProperty - Polytheism :

The MetaProperties All, One and Null are corresponded to Spirituality and Polytheism, while the One is correlated to Monotheism called Religion, and Null as mystical would be correlated to Metaphoria.

The MetaProperty All is correlated to the Spirituality of Polytheism as believed and practiced by Indigenous peoples, which means many Gods, Goddesses and all manner of nymphs, goblins, gnomes, sirens, spirits or sprites and Spiritual entities of every sort.

Polytheism is further corresponded to the Principle Property of Condition and the MetaProperty Whole, with a Unified Function of a sum of Parts.

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