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Every aspect of a forest as a unified totality, produces whtat it is experienced to be, as a multiplicity of interrelated Parts. In the same way, Polytheism is many interrelated other-dimensional aspects believed to populate the Spiritual world. Greek mythology is the most well known of the Polytheistic systems.

The Ego would be said to be the primary personality of Indigenous people. One Ego for one body and not a lot of Identities since numerous Identities are a product of progressive industrialization. The Ego would be said to be the primary personality of Indigenous people. Identities are defined as personifications of objectives such as gambler, health care worker, factory manager, nurse , bus driver or assembly line worker.

As for pre-excess and profit culture - there are not many objective oriented personifications as Identities, since pre-industrial Identities are limited to such as hunter, berry-picker, tool maker or fire starter. What Indigenous people have is Ipseities as many as they like. Thus instead of any number of Identities as industrial people have, Polytheism would possess Ipseities or supernatural characterizations in which to identify.

SubProperty - Monotheism :

Monotheism is defined here as one God Religion, as opposed to the Spirituality of many-deities Polytheism. Monotheism is a single one and only one God. Monotheism generally possesses some commonalities such as God is not from here, but resides elsewhere like Heaven, of which can only be envisioned thru Context as mind and memory.

Monotheism is of a seemingly convenient corollary to the MetaProperty One and the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, as evaluation between opposite poles. The opposites as top and bottom are God and Devil. God is the greatest and supreme progressed perfection. The Devil is the deviant, aberrant, depraved and degenerate often corresponded to nature.

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