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Some persons believe people are all the same. Some persons believe people are all different. Those embracing sameness can talk to anyone and generally get along with most people. Those espousing difference cannot talk to many and tend to foment opposition and enemies.

Other than the distinction between men and women, the physical body is pretty much the same for everyone. Of course there are differences such as height, weight, age, dexterity, muscle development, talent, etc. but negligible. The car styles are different but underneath the hood and shape is all the same. Shall we guess ninety-five percent the same for everyone such as the organs, cells, bones, tissue, skin, arms, legs, elbows and backbones, the essential construct of the human body.

The difference is Psychology as the Animate Being. What is different is what is posited in the memory as varying conditional experience, both empirical and abstract, second-hand such as media, taught-learning, books and stories. What is the same is primarily empirical experience of the natural and physical, such as rain, snow, wind, woods, ocean, lakes and streams, that all would tend to experience in fairly similar manner, because the human sensory system is identical or nearly so.

The memory/mind however can and does construct antagonistic oppositional formulations based on actual and contrived differences. Difference is the root of crime. Generally people don't maraud against people the same as themselves. The Sauds warred against Yemen killing and starving thousands by tens, and people only thought the Sauds committed a crime, when they killed one journalist like themselves.

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