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In modern times the individual is inculcated into the Progressive Materialist paradigm and Mundane Consciousness. Progressive Materialism relies for its Determination, or that which determines what something is and thus how it should or can be treated, on Finite Determination, wherein the results and products of change explain the reason, purpose, value, consequence and meaning of any state or entity. Thus the post hole defines the shovel or the vegetables define the garden. From this perspective, the resulting evaluative term is called Definitive Value, which means that any phenomenon, entity or event is identified and defined in terms of relationships to results & products, as contributive resource, vehicles for, or actual qualities & conditions. Thus the rock is defined as building material or the bus as transportation. Finite Determination and Definitive Value which relegates any given element, state and entity to singular and specific definition and value means that all such entities ascribed are essentially dead. An entity that is only one thing can only be that thing, cannot be other than what it is defined to be, meaning no choice and no intelligence. From this perspective, the universe and natural world is essentially dead and merely material. Humans intelligence is alone in a material world which is a machine.

After the introduction of Excess & Profit there are said to be two forms of Logic as Inductive Logic, or what is termed here Foundation Reasoning, and Deductive Logic, or what is termed here as Authority Reasoning. Foundation Reasoning reasons from particular to general or from evidence to conclusion, thus by observation ones learns the nature of the river. Authority Reasoning reasons from general to particular or from conclusion to evidence, or by comparison to elite authority one deducts one's worth.

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