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The fundamental premise of Symbolic Logic is that physical reality outside the human sensory system is alive, intelligent and capable of communication. Thus physical change such as ordinary or unordinary events, like the fall of a pine cone, the unexplained knock on the wall or a sudden storm may be interpreted as some form of communication. In such cases assuming the premise, a means of interpretation for non-verbal communication termed Semiotic Language would be necessary. Semiotic Language is the communication of some spiritual form manifested as nonverbal signs, events, circumstances as symbolic communication. Symbolic Logic is based on perception of the reality of the world in terms of Symbols. The primary premise is that Symbolic Logic is communication and that all facits of reality can be language.

By Olamic Value anything natural can be anything that the individual defines it to be in any given time and place. Any given quality, entity or condition would possess no specific pre-existent value and consequence. In the world of Definitive Value, everything has pre-defined definition and meaning, by conditioning if nothing else, but this is considered a convenience and commonality of communication. A tree is always a tree even if it is in an impossible context, such as flying like a bird. Definition and meaning proceed context. A fish is always a fish even in the context of when it is mounted on a wall. Olamic Value would mean that any given quality, condition or entity is given a value of zero, is open, is symbolic, and can take on significance the individual gives it in any place and time. The wall mounted fish is a lucky totem.