Considerations G

Life is great
at the century three quarters mark. It's been foggy and some days the top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco is foggy all day for a month's quarter, unlike the sunny Mission. I walk from one to four miles a week, a mile a day usually, and lately in the cold windy foggy climes of mid morning.

Had a Raven on the stone wall not ten feet away as I walked up. I began a conversation with a lovely woman on the wall's other-side, who had just returned from Greece and she is Greek although I couldn't tell it, about and with the Raven just ten feet away on the high five foot wall.

And just last week about the same place but on the other side of the walk in the grass of the park proper, thirty feet away as I and another woman I was talking to about Crows and Ravens walked up, a big Hawk standing in the grass. I had never been this close to a Hawk. Another couple came along and the Hawk had something on its foot. It tried to fly and didn't get far for the weight. And it walked in the grass with something on its foot and I with my cataracts couldn't tell. Turned out it was a Gopher and he was not going to let it go, seemingly no matter how close we might be with wings like an Eagle. Finally flew off with what was then clearly a Gopher. A life-time event.

Went over for a walk during the eclipse. Could just see it occasionally thru the fog at half crescent and the mist was protective of my eyes. So I walked for an hour waiting for the full eclipse and feeling some how I had missed it in the fog when someone told me the full eclipse was only in certain parts of the country like Oregon. So I didn't miss anything much.

I had the first surgery of my life about a month ago. They removed the captain of the toes toe nail. The cuticle was infected and it turned out another nail was growing in underneath un-asked and un-invited and without the necessary trauma that usually instigates these sub-initiatives. It was delicately sore for a couple of weeks but never so much I could not walk on it with shoes. I had to soak it twice a day in Epsom salts and hot water then topical antibiotic and a band aide.

So I feel good all the time, still work seven days a week, horny as every other day. My only problems are my cataracts so I can't see as well as I might nor hear. What with my ringing ears I have left them stuffed with wax as protection from noise, so I can't hear or at least some tones in some cases. What ?

So it is difficult to understand my daughter-in-law of whom we are getting along quite well now. I am her driver; take her to work; pick her up and take her shopping and errands and the kids swimming and to parks and am loving it, since it gets me out of the house and off the computer and to places I would never otherwise go. And at my age I feel I should go places and certainly enjoy it.

English is her second language and with my ears and me with my five decades of idioms like bury the hatchet and fog so thick you could cut it with a knife, she doesn't understand and don't hear so well but pretend. She gets things done.

So have written a philosophy book since February, something over two-hundred fifty pages and still adding to it, though the material is running thin now and haven't figured out what to do next.

The oldest is nearly four. And the youngest nearly one the best age I think, can stand up, walk by holding on, stand alone for three or four seconds and sits down softly, but she doesn't seem to want to walk on her own yet. Ten, eleven months is my favorite so it won't last long and she is swimming already even underwater.

At the Zoo on Labor Day weekend I touched the flower of a tree and got bit by something I couldn't see on my right ring finger. The finger swelled up the next day Sunday and by Labor Day Monday, the back of my hand was swollen. So I went to VA emergency ward and was in and out of there in fifty minutes with antibiotics. Social services in this city are the best I've ever seen.

So was home by noon and went with the family to the beach in Pacifica where they met friends with kids. So I talked to a guy about forty minutes who was catching surf perch. Best surf perch fisherman I have ever seen. He caught about sixteen in an hour and a half but mostly small throw backs. Turned out he had campaigned for Trump and started calling me a liberal and I had to broadside him. Seems these Trumpians are like my Christian grandparents, and don't like anybody but themselves. But I did learn how to catch surf perch easily.

So today a couple of weeks later the roofers were here yesterday and put in a Sky light and vented the roof and cut the internet line so I have no internet for like four days. It turns out I live on the internet and have for twenty years. I was the first child of TV and the first child of the internet. Its bad you know without the internet.

I have gained weight now perhaps up to 120 and am sleeping up to ten hours a night. Whereas three years ago I couldn't sleep thru a pin drop storm, yesterday I napped thru sawing and hammering on the roof above. I can for the first time in my life even take naps now. Perhaps I am getting decadent.