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The means most generally used to determine what is and is not of Consequence, is called Finite Determination: which is the designation of affects or the creation of results and products, as changed states or objectives; which explain the reason, purpose, value and consequence of any state or entity, and which explain the activity and behavior of change. Thus the production and product of paper explains the existence of and gives value to the forest and also condones clear cutting.


Finite Determination essentially results in a dicotomy of Consequence called the Bipolar Divergence. There are said to be two basic states, or the state that pre-exists change and the state that follows change. Change that promotes or continues the pre-existent state in a same or similar manner is called Conservative, and which would include all natural change. Change which creates a new state, that promotes the absence of the pre-existent state is called Progressive. All Progressive change is said to be the product of human conception.


From the Bipolar Divergence is derived two archetypes, or Progressive Materialism and Conservative Spirituality, this latter discussed further on.


The negation of the validity and consequence of any state or entity, by virtue of the designations as undeveloped, unfinished or incomplete. Negation by virtue of what is said to be without any known and certain end or objective, that explains an entities existence. Allows for the unfettered use of the natural world, to include humankind, as material for the creation of human created states.


Following from Finite Determination, which legitimizes changed states and negates the consequence of the pre-existent states changed, is Bipolar Consequence or duality. All new and progressed states must be created from pre-existing states, which must be transformed or destroyed. Thus two conditions of value and consequence are created: as superior and inferior, primitive and progressed, undeveloped and developed, or crude and refined, of no consequence and consequence.