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The Interpretive Context of Progressive Materialism: is a context in which the world is perceived, and wherein entities comprising results & products as increased and progressed value and consequence; explain reason, purpose and meaning, and defines what and what is not of consequence and worthy of note. This perspective, where most identity, definition and context is deemed as singular, definitive and isolated from larger wholes, is termed Mundane Consciousness.


From the Absent Determinant, Consequential Negation and the resulting duality of consequence, a means of evaluation is inherent in the dichotomy, that is termed the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. This is a hierarchal, numerical system, based upon the comparison between opposites poles, or progressive Ideal and anti-ideal or Antithetical Matrix. All consequence is determined by adding from Anti-ideal, as essentially anything that is considered natural, undeveloped, primitive, inferior or unrefined, or subtracting from ideal, which is anything considered as developed, refined, perfected, educated or superior. This graduated system determines value and worth, and thus treatment of any given entity both inanimate and animate. From one to ten, the value of the used car is something between brand new and the junker.


Because everything material, including humankind, is considered natural, born primitive and undeveloped, a means is necessary to obtain worth and consequence. This means is Excess and Profit. The results & products of activity & behavior in excess of what is necessary, represents addition and increase as profit, defined as Volitional Abilities, in excess of the energy, effort, time or risk, necessary to sustain and maintain the qualities & conditions of a standard of living, in a same or similar condition. Because only humans are capable of the progression of Excess and Profit, only humans are considered of worth, independent of consequence as legitimized by Emotion.


The worth and consequence of the human individual is assessed, in the system of Progressive Materialism, generally in either of two ways: or as secular and religious, both of which utilize Excess and Profit as a means to obtain worth. Religious Materialism utilizes non-material assets as the means to worth and consequence. Religious Materialism defines spiritual qualities and conditions by the absence of the attributes of earthly existence, or what is considered perfect being which is realized by progressive achievement, in which time on earth is essentially considered material and resource for upward mobility or progressed perfection.