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The Consequential Value of the results & products, of the natural change of the Given Existence, are considered as equivalent to the tandem pre-existent state transformed or destroyed, which is considered as an equality of value and consequence. The consequence of any given single entity is considered to be equivalent to the whole of existence, and wherein the whole is dependent upon each of its parts, the value of all things is said to be equivalent and unified in the whole.


Consequence is unified in the One, as instance the experience of Enlightenment. This oneness may be said to consist in commonalities to all, which might include such as spirit, love or animal nature. If there is no result and product of change, as distinct or superior in dynamic to the natural world, and no comparative worlds in which to evaluate the known physical world, then all determination and evaluation must be from within itself, as the parts of the whole. Olamic Value is the consequential determination that the parts, as all physical individuality, are singular and individual, but unified as a single whole, generally conceived of as spirit. The value and consequence of any given living entity specifically, then possesses a two-fold perspective, as its material part and its whole spiritual nature. The role as a part is the contribution of the individual entity, to the make-up of the physical world. The role as a whole could be said to be that the individual entity, at least living elements, may contain spiritual properties, which when manifested in the physical level, may be symbolic of spirit, or symbolic of non-physical properties and conditions called spirit or spiritual world. Since the dynamic of the whole is unknown, value and consequence may be considered singular but not definitive, but rather Olamic or open, like a wild card, and entities and conditions can assume any role as the symbolism of spirit. Thus any physical entity can represent a symbolic manifestation or communication, of or with the spiritual world called Semiotic Language.