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The creation of identities and contexts as illusions, by the aid of Sensory Selection and Enigmatic Belief, in which the individual makes decisions in the real world, with assumed inherent consequence and responsibilities equivalent to the beliefs, as learning experience.

Foundation Reasoning and Authority Reasoning
Term given to the category and discipline of reasoning as the methods of construction and content of propositions and arguments. Reasoning is the formation of conclusions, inference or judgments and the use and construction of statements which explain reasons, motives, declarations, justifications, actions and attitudes. Includes Inductive Logic, wherein reasoning proceeds from the particular to the general, and Deductive Logic as reasoning proceeding from the General to the specific. Dissertation


Usually an involuntary state of mind visited upon an individual, wherein the person's ordinary sense and perspectives of rationality are suspended. The person may perceive themselves as possessing exceptional and extraordinary powers and assets which may defy rational explanation termed Enigmatic Belief. This state is considered to represent a sudden transcending from the Mundane to the Spiritual Consciousness.


Power to create physical change by the seeming facility of magic, wherein no physical means are employed. Attributable to spiritual forces which are inherent aspects of the Given Existence, and which may be accessible to any given individual in any time and place as Authorized or Unauthorized. Dissertation


Principles, values, ideas and beliefs in which the individual makes decisions in everyday reality which are either assumed to be true or otherwise at least are expedient and produce intended results.

Definitions of words, terms and concepts which are not necessarily held in common by others, but are personalized by specific individual experience.


Role playing in any given present circumstance for the purpose of Learning Illusions and Extrapolation, in terms of understanding consequence and historical perspective.


Premises derived in the abstract as by Internal Analysis, which is suspended in terms of Base Conviction until it is tested in the real world in terms of External Analysis.


The Primary Element is the experience of Manic Realization, as the sudden occurrence of the idea or insight, that the individual is endowed, albeit previously unknown, with special gifts, status, powers or assets, and the intellectual and emotional astonishment as a short term manic experience, as distinguished from Secondary Elements, which involve the long term process of asking and answering questions arising from the experience.


The human body and mind, as the unique and inherent propensities, of genes, chemistry and character, as the born sensory apparatus, independent of the modifications, conditioned by time and place, as historical cultural influence.


Knowledge derived from the psychic ability, to be in the right place at the right time, as actual experience or an information source, pertaining to some component of a problem, based upon psychic abilities as unconscious premonitions which dictate that aspect of the individual's activity.


Wherein the events of immediate reality parallel or mirror individual context, as comments and correlation upon problems, definitions, questions or decisions.


Realized concepts which may accompany the state of Enigmatic Belief, which explain and make possible the state of mind.


The relative values of the individual in reference to Universal Circumstance, in which any given individual may react differently based upon the person's personal experience, conditioning and temperament.


Represents Transitive Concepts which act as particular perspectives in which to watch reality, as a context for scrutiny in which any given event may be meaningful, by its relation to the information desired by the individual.


Tandem w/ Primary Element
The questions and answers which arise from the experience of Manic Realization which comprise the experience of Enigmatic Reality, in which the answers one creates produces the themes of extraordinary reality in which the individual lives and explores.

Decision and Base Conviction created or made by the self, wherein the exact origin and reasons are consciously known to the individual.


Aspect of the process of the Watcher, wherein the individual remembers to watch the self and upon the notice of unconscious self-behavior, remembers to remember to watch for it again.


The ability to create an unconscious facility, to selectively register or alter sensory impressions or images which support Enigmatic Belief within the context of any given circumstance, for the purpose of the support of specific Learning Illusions.


A facility to believe consciously in things which may or may not be true, to the extent that one acts on them, but at the same time at a deeper level, perhaps suppressed in the subconscious, to not believe to the point wherein action may cause trouble to oneself or others.


Enigmatic Reality
Elements of the reality of everyday experience which are considered as symbolic of other realities in time and place. Symbolic Experience is the Extrapolation of circumstance and events in ones own life and time, as if it were universal to any person, or to particular characters, such that one can learn and understand the dynamics of the human condition in any age or time.


The occurrence of phenomenon or events, independent of the individual, which corresponds nearly exactly, in terms of timing, to the individual's personal context, as action, dialog or thinking, which may be interpreted as: 1. purely accidental coincidence, 2. created by spiritual force, 3. created by an individual utilizing spiritual or extra mundane power, 4. the facility of the mind as clairvoyance, to cause and manipulate thought, dialog or action, to correspond to the contexts of future states, known subconsciously.

The study of human nature by the study of the self, wherein it must be assumed that everyone is born with a similar Human Sensory Apparatus, and a relationship with the planetary environment which is not that dissimilar from any other given individual. Since the person has only one body and can be in only one place at one time, and is restricted to specific geographical, social and cultural environments and perspectives of time and space, knowledge is obtained by the concepts of Extrapolation, Enigmatic Belief and Metempiric Power to create universal perspectives.


Transcendental Analysis is the extension of the Internal and External techniques of analysis, that employs a sybolic perspective of reality, in which the individual views the world and plays roles in a symbolic sense, so as to gain a greater understanding of the knowledge of the human and perhaps spiritual condition.


Premise Suspension
Concepts carried around in the real world, as a context in which the individual relates everyday reality when applicable, as the study of concepts and definitions by observation in the three dimensions, as opposed to abstract instruction by book or instructors.


Authorized Metempiric Power
Metempiric Power which is used for limited purposes as the promotion of private or progressive interests is unauthorized, which means it is limited in scope and power to the to the degree of consciousness of those who utilize it.


The validity of the state of Metempiric Power as better left uncertain, since the implications and responsibilities are so great. Uncertainty as a shield, makes power as either illusion or reality possible.


Wherein any given specific circumstance is considered by the individual to present the same or similar set of problems, choices and consequences for any given individual in any given time place or age.


Tandem w/ Conditioning
Response to any given present stimulus in which the individual makes a conscious decision based upon present criterion as opposed to automatic conditioning.


Technique of watching the activity, behavior or thinking of the self, as one may watch another, for the purpose of detecting unconscious conduct, mannerisms, patterns and Base Conviction, wherein the individual by self-awareness, can analyze and decide upon changes.


Geographical location in which Metempiric Power is concentrated, otherwise known as a place of power or power place, sometimes called a world center or center of the world. A World Centrex may be active in which the case the powers of the center may create an active social center of intellectual, religious,cultural or political ferment, or it may be inactive wherein the powers may only be useful to those who have a consciousness of its existence.

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