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The Metaphysical Ideal is the progressive authority for human activity and behavior, and represents the creation, acquirement or possession of material or intellectual property and states, as the highest degrees of volitional abilities, as fame, fortune, talent, super stardom, wealth and station. The acquirement of the power of volitional abilities, gives reason, purpose and meaning to human endeavor.

The Metaphysical Ideal represents alternatives to the natural world which is termed the Given Existence, as the greatest degrees of volitional abilities, like flying, having servants, estates, and influence. The Metaphysical Ideal is the absence of the qualities and conditions of the natural world, and represents the greatest degree of human created physical or mental states, like presidents to scientific advisors, or opera stars.

The Metaphysical Ideal derives from the creation of excess and profit, which represents the addition and increase of volitional abilities, as the greatest freedom from the natural world, wherein profit is the creation of material commodities in excess of the energy, effort, time or risk, necessary to sustain and maintain the qualities & conditions of a same or similar state. The term metaphysical as used here, means the creation of an ideal by an individual or culture, as the greatest possible physical state of human creation.

In the absence of a belief and acceptance of a spiritual state, which is evident to the senses, as inherent and present in any or all aspects of the natural world, wherein human spirituality represents the simple being, of an already existing spiritual state, the Metaphysical Ideal represents a finite context, in which human living obtains its worth, as an intellectual assessment of meaning, reason and purpose to human living. This consists in the creation and production of human created states, which explain the reason, purpose and meaning of human activity & behavior, as producing the greatest degree of volitional power, free from the conditions of the natural world as is possible.