Physical Plane Tandem w/ Will
The idea that the physical plane is absent Will in and of itself, but where Will must be stimulated from a non-physical dimension, in reference to the Replica Theory. The concept of Will inherent in the physical and the automation necessary to sustain the physical universe are incompatible. {Dissertation: Replica Theory}


Conservative Spirituality Determination, and Finite Determination
The absence of any known and certain authority which authorizes, determines, mandates and certifies what the absolute nature and dynamic of reality should be, and which represents a standard and model to which human activity, behavior and conduct should correspond and conform. Also the Absent Comparative or the absence of any Comparative Authority as a model and standard to which any or all elements of the Given Existence can be compared for determinative evaluation. {Dissertations: Absent Determinant, Determination, Finite Determination and Proto-religious Determination}


Tandem w/ Associative Identity [Metaphysical Psychology]
Of the various Identities one can create, the Action Identities are those used to accomplish things like driving, working, artistic endeavors, or those that are used in the real true reality of the environment.


Cosmcosmos, Everything is Everything
All-And-Everything represents the Cosmcosmos with no thing external to it, defined as an Internal Whole.


Tandem w/ One-In-All
[Metaphysical Principles] [Cognizance Theory]
The concept of a single unified entity that encompasses all the known and unknown universe is considered to be the All-In-One. The All is defined as an Internal Whole, wherein a Part or parts internal to the sum, explain the phenomenon and function of the Whole. The One is considered an archetypal Part intrinsic to the All, and the All is said to replicate the archetypal Part.


The Apotheosis is defined as the composite body of the combined physical and non-physical bodies of living entities, said to be composed of five elements. The Apotheosis first consists in two bodies or constitutions as the Psychesoma, which represents non-physical Soul, and the Extended Existence of any given living physical entity the realm which is the Cognizance of Being. The physical body and constitution is called Somatic Being representing limited individual existence and periphery of Cognizance and context. Somatic Being is the physical body or Embodiment of Apotheosis in the Positive Dimension. Somatic Being represents Cognizance as limted and confined individuality. The Apotheosis also contans the Cognizant Triad composed of Aware, Thinking and Metaphysical I. The Cognizant Triad is a Metaphysical Dimension entity as the Cognizance of Being Embodied in the Condition of Being.


Interpretive Context
[Metaphysical Psychology]
Association is images, impressions, feelings or thoughts stored in memory, that are automatically or selectively attached to present experience or thinking, as identification, classification, implication and context.


Tandem w/ Action Identity [Metaphysical Psychology]
Identities that are associational are not actually practiced in reality, but are fantasy characterizations, such as hero roles or life-of-the-party, even though in reality one may be quite the opposite.


Psychesoma Tandem w/ Somatic Being
[Cognizance Theory]
The Astral Body is theorized to be a non-physical Embodiment, body or container as a repository for Determination as decisions resulting from Will, accumulated through Extended Existence, or multiple incarnations in singularity.


Spiritual Plane and Interpenetrate Planes
The Astral Plane represents a non-physical level or Spiritual Plane. In terms of the Replica Theory, it is considered the unconscious or Subconscious memory of the Greater Existence and Greater Will. Non-physical plane of universal memory that may include all physical experience of things that have some degree of Will.


Astral Plane
The leaving of the body, by the Thinking-I or Body Double, as an out of the body experience, which travels through what is called the Astral Plane, as one or more non-physical planes of existence.


Mundane Consciousness Tandem w/ Detachment
One of the three basic tenants of Buddhism, including Duality and Compassion. The belief and conviction that one has singular, limited, finite, definitive, Mundane, personality, character and Ego. Because the individual thinks in a singular-self manner, they are attached to this personality as all that they have, which gives a certain intensity to living but not a lot of over reaching perspective. {Dissertation: Detachment}


An aspects of the future is said to be automatic, as the earth travels around the sun or night follows day or spring proceeds summer. Autofuture is the province of the Positive Dimension, the dynamic of which is commonly called cause and affect, and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, which is equivalent to a stable state of infinite equilibrium. Alternatives as the means to change what otherwise would be Autofuture derive from the Negative or Metaphysical Dimensions, as the past and future. Alternatives to Autofuture are created in the memory and acted upon by the body, like a damn for the river is envisaged, funded and created, changing the future of the river. A further a theory would have it that alternatives to Autofuture may also be created from the Metaphysical Dimension or plane of the future. Here an Autofuture event could be changed by the Metaphysical-I. However it might be considered prudent that only an entity capable of forseeing the future should be allowed the facility to change it.


Tandem w/ Manic Realizations
Awakening is when one first realizes that one is swimming or walking with the Gods, so that near everything that happens seems controlled or aided by them, in the here and now and present reality of any given present moment and period of time. It might be analogous to being a one person parade, with invisible police escorts out front and back clearing the way and aiding one in any manner possible. If this kind of perceived attention is taken seriously, one's perspective of the world of which one exists, may transcend from the Mundane Consciousness, to a higher degree of Consequence.


Cognizant Triad
[Cognizance Theory]
The Aware-I represents Cognizance, said to be the awareness aspect of the Cognizant Triad, which consists in Cognizance, Cognition and Determination. The physical body is called Somatic Being said to be possessed of physical, material capabilities of awareness, Cognition and Determination, through the facilities of the sensory apparatus in the Positive Dimension. The Cognizant Triad, to include the Aware-I, is defined as a separate other-dimensional, non-physical bodily apparatus called Apotheosis, said to be of the dynamic of the Metaphysical Dimension. The Aware-I would be said to act as the Cognizant agent of the Psychesoma or Soul.