From Hinduism, seven centers of energy contained within the body as: 1. earth, base of spine, physical identity. 2. water, abdomen, emotional identity. 3. fire, solar plexus, ego identity. 4. air, heart, social identity. 5. sound, throat, creative identity. 6. Light, eye, archetypal identity. 7. thought, crown or head, universal identity.


Negative Dimension, Absent Determinant Tandem w/ Finity
God = X. Chaos is defined as the x, or the unknown of which the individual can make their own determination as to what x should be. Or Chaos may be considered as the Void or emptiness of Buddhism or the Unformed of Taoism, and is considered as the dynamic of creativity. Chaos then would be an absence or emptiness, out of which something may come or into which something may enter. In nature the low pressure creates emptiness for high pressure, or natural destruction like fire creates space for new growth. In the Negative Dimension of the memory, the creation of a state of Chaos would be like to erase the black board. The facility of blackboard remains, but space is created for new material. If what is pre-existing on the blackboard is sacrosanct and cannot be removed, new or contradictory material cannot or may not be added. The source of new material may come from the Positive Dimension as reality, the Negative as facilities of mind, or Metaphysical as affecting the first two.


Symbolic Self
The synthesis of individual personality characterazations into primary or archetypal types, such as tinker, tailor, soldier spy, based upon commonalities usually of Consequence. {Dissertation: Symbolic Identity}


Chi, ch'i, Qi or in Japanese - Ki. Chi is variously thought to be life force, Soul, spiritual energy, energy flow of Ti-Chi and Acupuncture, and also Geomancy, or earth prophecy known as Feng-Shui in China. The primary source or spiritual energy that most of the Asian disciplines attempt to harness, as for instance some of the more commonly known Japanese martial arts, like Jujutsu, Judo, Karate or Kendo. Chi might also be described as the Yang or the creative heaven energy of the I Ching or Tao. Chi might also be said to be the same as or contain the attributes of the Seventh Plane, as potential, creation and love.


Controversal, Part and Whole
A Choate Whole would be defined as producing no discernable results and products external to itself, such as the planet Earth. If every Part, defined as producing results and products external to itself is also a Whole in and of itself, and every Whole, defined as producing results and products internal to itself is also a Part in and of itself, then a Choate Whole in order to carry out its function as a Part, would be defined by the necessity to produce results and products external to itself as non-discernable or other-dimensional.


Wu Wei


Cognizance of Being
[Cognizance Theory]
Cognizance is described as the most fundamental of all phenomenon, as One all pervasive everywhere ................., described by the concept of Chaos, as an absence or emptiness, without form, being, definition, context, and out of which something may come or into which something may enter. Cognizance is theorized to represent the concept of Cosmcosmos, which means the All and Everything described by the concept of Everything is Everything. The All and Everything would further be described as an Internal Whole, wherein nothing is external and all manifestation would be internal to itself. The creation of any Manifestation internal to Cognizance is called the Prototypic Duality which is theorized to consist in the Cognizance and Condition of Being.


Metaphysical Dimension, Tandem w/ Condition of Being
[Cognizance Theory]
The Cognizance of Being is called the Metaphysical Dimension and represents Cognizance as a Dimension independent of physical Embodiment, consisting in Cognition and Determination, as individual Incarnation called the Cognizant Triad.


[Cognizance Theory] Cognizant Triad
Theory that living existence is composed of a triad of cognizance, as the Aware, Thinking and Metaphysical I, all of which are considered to exist in and transcend the physical level, and tend to serve the same functions no matter the Dimension, physical or non-physical. The Aware-I is dimensional dependent, needing a Plane of Distinction for awareness and observation. The Thinking-I is memory dependent, needing a Replica State or memory as the Negative Dimension, of that observed by the Aware-I, in which to form considerations and alternatives to what is observed. The Metaphysical-I as Extended Existence, would represent a further other dimensional existence again, invisible to the Aware and the Thinking-I, such that a present existence would not be considered futile, meaningless and of no consequence.


Psychesoma [Cognizance Theory]
Cognizant Being is said to be an archetypal whole containing parts as individualized Cognizant entities called Psychesoma, that are replicas of the Cognizant Being in construct. Cognizant Being is said to be a unified totality as an Internal Whole essential for Cognizance. The Internal Whole is defined as what is necessary to support an individual, specific or all of the parts, where these parts are considered to be the object or the completed manifestation of what is called an Internal Whole, such as planetary life which produces Cognizance is a part of a larger whole as a solar system. The Psychesoma as the individualized parts is said to operate under the principle of the External Whole, where it as parts support Cognizant Being as purposes outside itself, such as the sun as the whole of all its parts produces heat and light for planets. Cognizant Being and the individualized Psychesoma is said to be a Cognizant Composit wherein it is both an Internal and External Whole.


Cognizant Being, Internal and External Whole [Cognizance Theory]
Cognizant Being is defined as a Cognizant Composite meaning it is considered both an Internal and External Whole. Cognizant Being as the archetypal one is an Internal Whole meaning any number of parts where any single part, any number, or all parts are considered to be the object or the completed manifestation of the Whole. Cognizant Being as Psychesoma or individualized Cognizant Being, is an External Whole where any number of parts as necessary, that work in conjunction to produce results or products external to the collection of parts.


[Cognizance Theory]
The Cognizant Triad is the Aware, Thinking and Metaphysical I, as awareness, thinking and spirit or Extended Existence. The Ego is the Interpretive Context of the Aware-I. The Identities are the Interpretive Context of the Thinking-I. The Aware, Thinking and Metaphysical I are considered equally necessary to all cognizance regardless of the Plane of Embodiment and Dimensionality. The Aware-I is present cognizance and a singularity of Interpretive Context. The Metaphysical-I represents the all and everything, and the infinite unknown and future. The province of the Thinking-I is the past as the Negative Dimension, and operates between the present singular and specific and the unknown future as Free Will.


Interpretive Context
The Comparative Authority is the particular, specific or categories of Associations one attaches to any given subject, as present reality or as thinking, which gives context of which one recognizes, identifies, interprets, determines or defines the subject. Because one could use a multiplicity of related or unrelated Associations, those actually used are considered authoritative, as determining the interpretation of the subject. One uses science and another uses God to attribute the cause of an earthquake. Comparative Authorities dictate how one thinks, acts, believes, one's attitudes, feelings, emotional states and general demeanor. Comparative Authorities tend to be automatic, conditioned by experience and interaction with others. Comparative Authorities can be changed by observation of one's thinking, substitution, and overriding with new experience. In reference to Metaphysical Psychology, the Comparative Authority could be said to be the Ego or Identities. When it is the Ego it means all Associations that are used as Comparative Authorities specifically as experienced through one's individual body, such as characteristics like height, weight, looks, talent, sociability, all of which are given and one has to live with. When it is the Identities it means all Associations that are used as Comparative Authorities from the context of particular Identities which are created by the mind, such as interpretation through the contexts of cowboy, aristocrat, rock star, housewife or circus performer, without the adoption of, one would not possess such Associations. Identities can be changed and most people have more than one Identity called Primary and Secondary Identities. {Dissertation: Metaphysical Psychology}


What the individual considers to be of significance determines the Interpretive Context of the individual or how the individual interprets reality. The fundamental concept that determines the identity of the individual in the context of the Singular and Symbolic Self.


Positive Dimension, Tandem w/ Cognizance of Being
[Cognizance Theory]
The Condition of Being and the Cognizance of Being are considered the first Prototypic Duality. The Condition of Being is the physical universe called the Positive Dimension, and the Cognizance of Being is the facilities of Cognizance, Cognition and Determination called the Metaphysical Dimension.


Tandem w/Correspondent Identity [Metaphysical Psychology]
The human body has a very specific nature and the Ego is the Interpretive Context of that body.The Thinking-I creates Identities, and can create any Identity and any number that it can attempt to actuate. Many Identities as creations of the mind and conflict with the nature of the body and Ego. The Identity of a Celibate conflicts with natural bodies sexual nature.


Negative Dimension Tandem w/ Subconscious Replica
Memory that is readily accessed by the Material Identity. The Material Identity is capable of selecting what is conscious and unconscious, by criterion based on what is of Consequence and what is not and what may be emotionally acceptable. {Dissertation: Replica Theory}


Will and Consequence
The universe or Greater Existence in its entirety is said to be a form of Consciousness, wherein the intention of Will is posited from non-physical aspects. {Dissertation: Conscious and Intellect}


The concept that differing levels of awareness or consciousness correspond to degrees and types of Consequence, as understood by the individual, that expands and transcends into the spiritual realm. Dissertation: Consciousness of Consequence


Belief Principle Tandem w/ Consequence [Metaphysical Psychology]
Consequence is what determines nearly all human activity and conduct. Effort and energy is usually reserved for that which is considered to be of some Consequence. Consequence is what determines emotional make-up. Natural Affection is sensory registration without a lot of Consequence attached, like the breeze means little. If the breeze becomes a strong wind that becomes consequential to one's property, the context may become Emotional. Identities have Consequence built into their very definition, like Consequence for the athlete is more than success but good health. Thus Identities alter and determine the emotional make-up of the individual. {Dissertation: Consequence}


Cognizance of Being, Condition of Being Tamden w/ Consequence of Being
The Dimensional Trinity ...called here.....something something... is the Positive the sphere of which is the Condition of Being, Negative the sphere of which is the Consequence of Being, and Metaphysical Dimenion the sphere of which is the Cognizance of Being. Consequence is the .....of the memory ............ The value and consequence of the qualities & conditions of any given phenomenon, entity or event as a pre-existent state, are determined by comparison to the results & products of a future state, which may replace and require the transformation of destruction of the pre-existent state or condition. {Commentary: Consequence of Being}


Internal Whole Tandem w/ Conservative, Progressive
The definition of an Internal Whole would be said to illustrate the concept of Conservative, wherein the preservation of each of the Parts, preserved in exact or near-like form, maintains the integrity of the Whole. Wherein the Whole is the authority for the Part called Internal Authority, which means the Part should correspond and conform to the nature and condition of the whole, that is an integral entity. The Conservative evaluative system to determine Consequence is called Horizontal Evaluation, wherin by means of the concept of Optimum Correspondence, evaluation is determined as degrees of correspondence to the optimum condition of any given entity as less or more.


Correspondent Identity Tandem w/ Progressive Identity [Metaphysical Psychology] A Conservative Identity corresponds and is in sync with the naturally Conservative Ego, which means it is 'correspondent' to its own innate or as-born nature, or the natural inclinations of the body, such as one is naturally quick of mind and inquisitive, and thus adopts the Identity of a writer.


Interpretive Context
The experience of reality by any individual is said to be controlled by Interpretive Context, as the history of one's individual experience in the memory. Context as conceptual descriptive attributes in the memory is selected to any given instance of present reality or thinking automatically of volitionally. The blanket is blue, or the early snow means a long winter. The contexts selected determines the experience, feelings, emotions, value, consequences and thinking. Any given instance of present reality can be interpreted in any fashion by any individual or agent of cognizance, as the selection of context. It is possible to control as choice, the associational contexts one attaches to present experience and or thinking, like ice cream is good for one or ice cream is bad for one. It is possible to make no contextual associations at all leaving one with only pure feeling and esthetics.


Tandem w/Conflicting Identity [Metaphysical Psychology]
The Ego is considered Conservative as the Interpretive Context of the naturally Conservative body. Because the body and its interpretive Ego has a singular and very specific nature, Identities that correspond to that nature are considered correspondent.


All-and-Everything Tandem w/ Everything is Everything
The Cosmcosmos is a concept used here to describe the All-and-Everything, considered to be a single all encompassing intelligent being. The Cosmcosmos is said to be an Internal Whole wherein its every manifestation and function would be internal to itself.


Interpenetrate Planes
Said by some to be the essence of the universe as levels of finer and finer layers, from the material to the less so, like onion skins. These skins may also represent boundaries and spheres of consciousness as various levels of singular, individual Ego identity involvement. May also represent the vision of the cosmic center, as a vast universe of circular egg shaped rings of the color spectrum of light, that is experienced as overpowering all inclusive and consuming love, and out of which all individual creation derives.