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Since the individual can be only be in one place, one body, and one time frame at a time, and is restricted to specific geographical, social and cultural environments, the understanding of human nature in terms of such things as religion, politics, or historical events, could be obtained, if the individual were to undertake a state of Enigmatic Belief, wherein these boundaries of time and place could be transcended. Transcendental Analysis is the various methods and techniques the individual may employ to promote the study of reality wherein the individual becomes a character in history so to speak; which is to say, instead of learning proceeding in a vicarious fashion from the studies of archeologists, anthropologists or historians, the individual assumes parts as role playing. However a certain familiarity with the human condition and processes by reading, film or theater or by processes of analysis, may be convenient as indicators to the larger ramifications of particular characters and circumstances of the historical condition.

Enigmatic Belief is the creation of the perspective that the individual self has acquired power such, that the person can identify with larger cultural, political, religious decision-making processes. This may include the belief by the individual, that they possess power and ability such as to produce real changes in the world. Accordant with this power is the responsibilities, implications and complexities inherent in such a proposition. Enigmatic Belief is a revelation, realization or misconception based upon the occurrence of a state of mind, in which logical reality becomes suspended, and wherein the individual is presented with the possibility of vast personal power and importance. The individual is the subject of a centrex of god-like powers in which it may seem that the whole of one's life has been orchestrated to some exceptional purpose.

The particular means by which Enigmatic Belief is derived is from what is usually an involuntary state of mind, which is visited upon the individual, termed Manic Realization.