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A tendency to self involvement and egocentricity, the focus upon the inner self, the review of one's life, what and why one thinks what they do, emotional content, beliefs, fears and fantasies may be only natural. The state of Enigmatic Reality is best undergone without a lot of psychological and emotional baggage which may become the predominant obsession, and is best to have been worked through beforehand.
External Architecture includes the fundamental conditions of living. The individual should preferably be economically self-sufficient, or short of that, possess an economic capacity which allows for the individual as much freedom as possible, preferably automatic manual work, to enable the individual to both produce economically and be completely distracted and involved with Enigmatic Reality simultaneously. The individual should have a capacity for self-discipline, in which as normal a lifestyle as possible is maintained, while at the same time pursuing believed realities which may be totally unrealistic. This experience can consume astounding amounts of energy and thus architecture includes as much sleep as usual or as possible, and maintaining a good diet and eating well and regularly. This is imperative for a sustained experience independent of the care taking of others. Architecture also includes the location of the individual as geography, nation, town or city, location of abode, and political, religious or cultural climates.
The specific architecture as presented here assumes that the individual will pursue the state of Enigmatic Reality in secret, without revealing it to anyone. Exceptions may be made wherein certain elements are shared with a trusted confident. This provides the individual with a maximum of freedom, in terms of the ability to create mental scenarios which best correspond to what the individual wants to learn, and will force the individual to develop means of communication by symbolic language. The specific assets of this architecture are used as means which support the logic of Secondary Elements.

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