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The primary architectural elements are such things as an abode with the preferred location close to the vortex of the World Centrex. This abode might best be located in an urban area which itself would possesses all or most of the many aspects of material political, religious, economic and cultural power. A preferred site for this abode would be in elevated location such that the individual possesses a visage of the surrounding locale and vice versa; involvement with a community of individuals who would be politically and culturally active and who preferably would be connected by family, friends and contacts to the broadest spectrum of persons in the society as a whole. A World Centrix as a vehicle of power, gives to the individual access to a concentration of spiritual energy or Metempiric Power. If this centrix were Active, it might have a greater concentration than normal, and possibly be accompanied by a maelstrom alive with cultural and political activity and ferment, as a center and magnet for creative and radical people, who may in time produce alterations in the societal structure. Architecture can also include dress, mannerisms, lifestyle, the furnishing of one's abode, and an economic or social organization, and the use of one's hands in some manner.

The individual may develop a scenarios, as a context in which to act, in terms of the possession and utilization Enigmatic Reality. This involves the use of the everyday events of reality as Learning Illusions. The object is act out the possession of the attributes discovered by the occurrence of Manic Realization. This involves acting and thinking in completely different ways and attempting to change one's conditioning. The context is in part, the External Architecture as a stage. Added to this architecture are the personalities who will play upon it. This involves the creation of a cast of characters. The individual will play many of the roles.

The community of friends, acquaintances and strangers will play supporting roles unbeknownst to them, the key here being that the relationships maintain absolute normalcy. This is not the use of one's friends and others, but merely observing and interacting with them from the perspectives of Enigmatic Reality and from the point of view that they may play symbolic roles.

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