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This realization may take the form of an emotional astonishment and trauma, and the experience may be a form of schizophrenia, and as such may be brought on by any number of causes such as diet, genetic propensity, drugs, stress, or a strong need for substantiation of worth. This realization may not be possible or desirable for everyone, or even for very many, and may not even prove to be a choice for any given individual. Rather it may represent a gift or curse, depending upon the aims of the individual and the outcome of the experience. Following from the occurrence of the idea that one is omnipotent, the mind may become involved in hyperactive thought processes and emotional trauma, in terms of all the thinking, evaluating, and feeling that such a sudden realization would cause, in this new context of existence in which the individual attempts to cope. This experience can prove to be dangerous resulting in loss of rationality and may cause considerable psychological trauma, depending upon the interpretation, which may take various forms relative to individual's and cultural and psychological background, as religious experience, hallucination or mental illness. Any individual undertaking such an experience should be willing to risk the personality changes, which can be both beneficial or harmful, and which may have lasting and permanent affects. There may also arise the possibility of physical dangers as manic and paranoid delusions which may promote dangerous altercations to oneself and others and the risks of institutionalization or suicide.

In terms of western science, Manic Realization may most often be classified as schizophrenia, a disease in which it is unknown as to whom or when it might strike. The determination as to how and to whom it happens, as opposed to a medical definition, might be considered in terms of a spiritual or mystical determination, which although it may not include many or a majority of cases, is the perspective in which it is considered here. There may also be methods by which Manic Realization may be purposefully induced, as techniques of ancient and now lost, or presently existing and secret mystical cults. For the uninitiated individual, the occurrence of the consciousness of Enigmatic Belief and Reality may not be a choice or necessarily an act of individual will, but rather something that happens to the person as opposed to a state that is willfully created.