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The circumstance of Enigmatic Belief may happen to an individual more than once. If the experience is thought of as a test of character, then one may not do well the first time around, but will have been presented with all the various problems of consequence and responsibility from which the individual may ponder for a lifetime. A second or third experience may be thought of as a retest to determine the evolution of knowledge. An abstract self-evaluation is not really valid since when the pressure is on, and the Enigmatic Reality seems absolutely real, decisions taken may be quite different. These experiences can be separated by short, but preferably lengthier periods of time, up to a considerable number of years.

Enigmatic Belief could be described in terms of a process of the transcending of the consciousness from the Mundane to the Symbolic. Mundane and Symbolic Consciousness are elsewhere described by the dissertation Consciousness and Intellect.

Mundane Consciousness represents an interpretion of reality which is limited to material, physical and mechanical laws as cause and affect, in which all change is the result of the interactions of diverse physical and chemical properties. As a consequence, reality which does not preserve, promote or produce some specific ends, that are usually intended to increase or decrease value, is considered to possess no inherent consequence, and thus is given scant attention as awareness. In this form of consciousness all the assets of the individual such as awareness, responsibility, power and emotional may be limited to the personal sphere of influence.

Symbolic Consciousness represents a transcension from the Mundane to a state in which all of reality is observed in terms of its possible significance. Reality, which is not directed by human intent, is perceived as capable of recognizing and communicating with the individual in terms of the activity of events. This communication being non-verbal takes symbolic forms. The awareness of the individual is expanded to give consequence to all living and non-living things and thus any given event in reality may become meaningful.