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After the occurrence Primary Element as the initial realization,` which may last from a few minutes to something on the order of a day, what the individual may become primarily involved with is the Secondary Elements, which in terms of time may last from a few days to a lifetime. Each question may require an explanation. If the Enigmatic Belief is to be pursued, a logic must be developed which supports it. From these questions, themes may developed which can be explored. The question, 'how could this not have been known before?', and or 'who has known and what events were indicators?', may produce the theme of the 'review of one's life' which may continue for many weeks and months. As a side affect, this review may produce a state of extreme self-consciousness, in which by comparison of the old self, with what is being learned in the new, the individual may feel ashamed at one's past ignorance and pettiness, and become extremely deliberate in present behavior.

'For what reason was this knowledge kept hidden from the self?' The theme and rational here, involves the concept of 'held in trust', until such a time as one is ready and capable of assuming the powers and responsibilities of such magnitude. It can also involve the concept of for 'safety's sake' in which the individual's new identity is not revealed to anyone, to insure the safety of such a person from those who would take advantage and may want to remove competitors. This and other themes involving power may produce paranoia in which the individual may come to believe that they are too important to live safely without some form of protection, either as a physical security apparatus or by means of secrecy.