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In terms of the World Centrex, the logic might involve any number of centers world wide. Various schemes can be concocted of simultaneous operation, or the dormancy of some or all in favor of only one, or only those where there are one or more individuals possessing the attributes of Enigmatic Belief or Metempiric Power. 'Does this power produce conflicts of interest and vulnerability with others who may also have power both as merely physical and as magical, in which one should remain hidden?' This question can also involve paranoia. If the individual possesses great power then there must exist enemies. To the degree that the individual holds ideas which are contrary to the accepted and established perspectives, there will be conflicts and the possibility of danger.

'Is this a delusion or is this real?' This question considers the theme of verification. The first means by which this experience may be verified is through the communication of it with others. This involves the possible bursting of the bubble in which it may become apparent that the experience is not real, but only a fantasy of mind. One must decide whether the realization, with all its manifest possibilities both positive and negative, is worth what can be gained from it terms of knowledge, or what can be lost in terms of one's mundane personality and mental stability.

There is also the danger that divulging it to others may produce a response in which it is thought that one is crazy, and for one's own sake, may involve a commitment to doctors and the consequent drugs which would halt the process. And with the elevated sense of worth and power and the possible consequent dangers of revealing such a status to the wrong people, especially those that prefer a status quo, the question may arise as to one's safety in terms of revealing this condition. The validity of Enigmatic Belief and Metempiric Power as real and actual realities, is not the purpose of its utilization and is irrelevant compared to the knowledge, depth of character and consciousness, derived from such experiences. The state of mind is one, in which the conclusion is drawn, that the individual is the center of a sphere of influence in which the person has been granted extra-ordinary power.