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This power is a vehicle in which to make decisions, which otherwise would never be possible or necessary. The individual views Enigmatic Reality as a learning opportunity, comes to grips with it, and like a tourist, follows the reality or allusion into a separate sphere of possibilities, to pursue the logic of the phenomenon, as a series of questions, the answers of which will determine the nature of the experience.

The condition of Enigmatic Belief may involve a state of mind in which one believes without believing, that is termed Suspended Belief. This means that the individual on the conscious level believes, but suppressed below the surface, one at least reserves judgment or may not believe at all. The conscious belief is preferred to support the Learning Illusion. Belief is encouraged so as to promote the experience and to produce the maximum benefit from its manifestation. As an aid to this encouragement, a device termed Sensory Selection may be employed. This involves the registration of the senses in which perception is altered such that it supports Enigmatic Belief. For instance the individual may alter the reception of the sound of words such that, what is heard supports the belief. Or one may blank out and not hear information which contradicts the believed state of affairs. This condition is enhanced by the strong emotional intensification produced by this experience. Thus the state of belief can be self-reinforcing.

Coincident with Sensory Selection is memory selection, wherein the individual selectively remembers that which supports Enigmatic Belief and does not remember what does not. The memory may support what is convenient to the belief and forget what is not. The suspension of the memory, of the past history of a subject, so that entities in present circumstance can be perceived however the individual likes, maybe something like a tourist where everything is new and unknown. Because the individual can easily get into trouble acting upon false assumptions, Suspended Belief also involves believing only to the point wherein serious trouble may arise to oneself or others. This state of belief is controlled by staying clear of situations of danger and circumstances which may expose the reality as unrealistic even though this safeguard may be unconscious.