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As a means of removing oneself from the structure of belief one has created, either from selected aspects or from the process as a whole, one may employ Enigmatic Escape, which is to confide of one's perceived reality with others. Since the individual may not be inclined to believe verbal confirmations, one might rely as much upon the feelings and vibrations one receives from these communications. One may also turn off the utilization of Sensory Selection and begin to think in the conventional forms of logic, reversing the process so as not to support the veracity of Enigmatic Belief, but rather to attempt to prove it a fallacy. However there are aspects and conditions of this experience in which it virtually impossible not to believe. Recovery to the former self could take a year or longer.

In terms of the proficiency of the experience of Enigmatic Reality, as a learning experience by engendering a state of belief, in which the individual believes they possess momentous responsibilities as the context in which to make decisions, an External Architecture which supports and promotes Enigmatic Belief would be useful. As a generality concerning the nature of the over all experience, there may be said to be preferred circumstances called External Architecture, which may promote a greater learning process. External Architecture is such things as the abode in which one lives, its location, the surrounding geography, the types and numbers of people one is associated with, the times and culture, economic capacity and the lifestyle in terms of sleep, food and types of entertainment. The primary emphasis and focus of the experience should be a concentration upon the environment of the exterior world, both as local and as extended via mass communications.

The architecture and the ability or inability to focus upon the exterior environment may completely affect the nature of the experience and its end result. Following the experience of the Primary Element, a focus and concentration by the individual only upon the interior psyche, can produce machinations of the mental and emotional self which are removed and isolated, manic and self-delusional, abstract, self-involved and indulgent, convoluted, repetitious and unproductive.

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