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Envisionment is described as what could be for some be the first aspect of of what is called Manic Realizations. These are improbabilities of mind, that are seemingly impossible, but represent conceptions that one would ordinarily never entertain. These improbabilities may concern power, wealth, fame, world Centrex, paranoia, territories, secrecy and communication, all of which may never ordinarily be of much interest to the individual. The conception called Manic Realization is that one has the realization that they are not singular, anonymous, powerless, unimportant and insignificant, but rather just the opposite, or something on the order of omnipotence.

From the standpoint of the accumulation of knowledge, the actuality or true reality of the state, might be considered of less importance than what can be learned from the entertainment of the conception. If one believes they are omnipotent, should not one utilize this power? If one does utilize this power will they not have to learn and understand the implications and ramifications of such use, and the knowledge that would ensue in such a course?

The conception is 'I am omnipotent and all powerful'. If such be the case then further assumptions might be envisioned. The following represents this envisionment. This experience normally would be described by the psychiatric profession as schizophrenia, meaning two minds. However it is speculated here that the two minds are a jump from the more normal analytical, order an pattern Left Brain to the imaginative, symbols and images Right Brain. Or another description might be, and which may be inclusive of the former, is that one transitions from the Materialist singular limitations of Finite Determination and Definitive Value to Proto-religious Determination, Olamic Value and the 'Crown of Creation'.

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