Volition is the capacity to conceptualize in the mind, alternatives to any given present circumstance. Volitional abilities are anything from matches as opposed the flint striker, to eternal life as opposed to purely material existence. Volitional abilities essentially means, to produce the absence of the qualities and conditions of the natural world. To produce a roof, as an option to the rain, is to produce a state, as the absence of the natural condition.

What opposes human volition is what is termed Prohibitive Consequence, which is impossible or detrimental consequential outcome, like draining an ocean or jumping from a plane without a parachute, and Prohibitive Integrity, which are codes of conduct as ethics, morality or law, which regulate by limitation of prohibition, forms of human conduct, such as the complete depletion of the fisheries to conventions of warfare.

Volitional abilities are enhanced by the creation of material invention, which transcend the state of nature, gives to the individual, any number of options to states pre-existent the invention, like the creation of the wheel or the gun. The greatest degrees of volition are derived from the creation of Excess and Profit, in which choice is manufactured like cars, televisions and computers.

Volitional abilities are also enhanced by the absence of any inherent Consequential Value, pertaining to anything mineral, vegetable or human. Anything, to include human labor, may be used to create the means to volitional states. The ability of volition is the pure force and power of the machine or the gun, wherein that which is material for volitional capacities, is absent any consequence which prohibits same. In the absence of any inherent consequence contained in nature, Consequential Value must be created. The creation of consequence is the enhancement of the powers of volition.

The highest degrees of volition are termed the Metaphysical Ideal and the Extra Mundane Authority. The Metaphysical Ideal represents the possession of material property, which produces the greatest material power of volition. This is anything from land to machines, which generates money. The Extra Mundane Authority represents extra dimensional being, such as God or eternal life, which symbolize the greatest capacities of volition of all.

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