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Year Two

I have perceived that the period I am trying to describe was more or less three years in length, army-time, from when I moved into Winfield until I moved out and eventually up the-street. I have somewhat of a memory of the first year. The problem is the second and third years. I have individual recollections but no sequence of occurrences, thus severely-handicapping the process of recall. I do not seem to have a concept of time-frame, in which an order of memory would be sequenced.

I had no idea until an hour-ago, how you my Muse were gong to do this. You-everyday amaze-me. This was written what - last summer; with I no-idea of this here now; and I have still doubts you can pull this-off, but you always have so-far; and this will be fun; yet I know you were there, but who and where not a clue.

*Had you known we-there; what could you-do that would-not-be a pre-drawn conclusion ? You were-alone and learned the alone in Europe! And you were-there ! And we were-where ! A vague-sense and you were talking to us; first the subconscious genesis in-clay, then drawing, and on - creating language, you thought we might speak and understand.*

The transition from the Haight to Winfield Street in SF after six months in North Beach precipitated by a young man from Germany; I met probably in a cafe and let him sleep on my floor which he was happy for and it was the instrumental impetus to my residence of Bernal Heights for twenty-five years more or less.

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