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Consequence of Being and Consequential Negation
By virtue of Finite Determination, the Given Existence is determined as not a legitimate complete and finished result & product, and therefore having no inherent consequence in and of itself, consequence must be obtained by use as material for the creation of alternatives. Represents the greatest degrees of volition, as the absence of any prohibitions upon the transformation or destruction of any given state or entity. {Dissertations: Absence of Consequence, Consequence and Finite Determination. Commentary: Consequence of Being}

Comparative Determinant
The absence of any known physical reality equivalent to the earth's planetary environment in which to compare, qualities, conditions and dynamics by degrees of similarity or distinction, which would indicate the reason, purpose, motive, meaning and Consequence of Being, of any or all elements of the natural world. {Dissertation: Consequence}

Determination, Finite Determination and Imperative Determinant
The absence of any known and certain authority which authorizes, determines, mandates and certifies what the absolute nature and dynamic of reality should be, and which represents a standard and model to which human activity, behavior and conduct should correspond and conform. Also the Absent Comparative or the absence of any Comparative Authority as a model and standard to which any or all elements of the Given Existence can be compared for determinative evaluation. {Dissertations: Absent Determinant, Determination, Finite Determination and Proto-religious Determination}

Whole, Tandem w/ Dyadic Authority and Triadic Authority
is the operating principle of the Whole, which would be said to be a single dominion, as the Parts and Products would accord to the nature and function of any given Whole, as Unified Function, in its preservation as best sustains each of the Parts, by the integrity of Products. All the Parts of a body accord to its continuance, and what doesn't is called disease. Accordant Authority is the operative office of Socialism, wherein the Whole, as represented by Government, designates the organizational commonalities, to which each of its elements or Parts conforms, as correspondent, voluntarily and by law, as unified in composition, preservation, continuance and function. Traffic lights are the same for everyone.

Additory Base Tandem w/ Subtractive Authorization
Authority, as the Antithetical Matrix, or any phenomenon, entity of event, defined as material resource or Additory Base, from which value is added, by the production of alternative states, as degrees better. Also represents negative examples, for the motivation of progressive improvement. {Dissertations: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, Antipodal Associative Paradigm and Antagonistic Opposition}

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Antithetical Matrix Tandem w/ Subtractive Base
Antithetical Opposites of Metaphysical Ideals or Extra Mundane Authorities, that represent negative qualities & conditions or the least degrees of Volitional Abilities, from which status is assessed by adding as more than. Also comparative base in terms of consequence, from which any phenomenon, entity or event is defined, by adding from, as something more. Related: Untouchable Class. {Dissertations: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Antipodal Associative Paradigm}

Tandem w/ One and Null
The All is a MetaProperty meaning everything inclusive of a type. All means the many as opposed to One which means the few. All is associated with what is common to all, and with commonalities as community, public and social union, government and Socialism, and is representative of altruism. Attributes of All are Matriarchy, Polytheism, Socialism and Democracy, community and cultural elevation for the all and everyone. The All is further affiliated with the Whole and the Ego, and common to all as one body and two genders. Dissertations : Logic of All and Properties

Body Spirit
Concept wherein soul is not innate to the human organism but rather where soul is inherent to any or all aspects of the Given Existence, in which all living organisms are encompassed and surrounded. Includes premise that all the higher life forms to include vegetable, share the cognizance of the Allsoul, except for humankind wherein it is reserved for the enlightened or the Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity. This absence of the cognizance of Allsoul is due to aspects of the Negative Dimension.

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative
Represents alternative social and political creations, to the established values and standards. Alternate Polarities are in general 'Bohemian', 'Artist', 'Cult' or new political, cultural or religious groups whose values vary from the established order. Criminal propensities can also be included. Metaphysical Ideals and the Antithetical Matrix assume new values. Can also include reversal of the poles where the accepted attributes of the Antithetical Matrix are deemed Metaphysical Ideals and vice versa. However Alternate Polarities retain the properties of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative because they remain progressive. {Dissertations: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Right & Left Wing}

Tandem w/ Socialism and Capitalism
would be a combination of Socialism and Capitalism, the primary distinction being, that socialist Government would provide all needs and necessities common to all regardless, and Capitalism would provide wants, desires, wishes or individual private exclusivity, as best corresponds and does not conflict with Government. Socialism represents the Whole and Capitalism the Part, and wherein Amalgamism is the union of the All as many and the few as One. {Dissertation : Socialism}

Tandem w/ Definitive Value
The Products produced by a Whole are said to be internal to itself as opposed to a Part, which is to produce Products external to itself, such as house means home, a refrigerator means cold-storage, a fan means air-circulation, or the surname Baker means baked goods, Farmer or Smith means to forge. Ambient Cognizance is sensory appreciation as ambiance of the Qualities and Conditions internal to any given environment, particularly as relates to a Whole. Ambient Cognizance would be more of an experiential nature where as Definitive Value intellectual, perhaps the difference between right and left brain. {Dissertation : Meaning}

Natural Affection
All stimuli, registered by the Human Sensory Apparatus, automatically in every conscious moment, experienced as incremental degrees of distinction and accordance, wherein no association from the memory, as specifically Consequential Value, affects or animates the sensory experience or response. {Commentary: Natural Affection. Dissertation: Emotion}

Methods of examining and obtaining knowledge in terms of the Theory of Knowledge, which involves analysis of the self, the outer environment, and historical perspective.

Director of Golden Gate Parks Department
Going to log Stow Lake and cut my favorite trees for some trail way beauty pageant, which what it does, instead of shielding one from the city and noise, they came to the park to get away from, they cut it all down and put in pretty flowers, so the people that actually use the park have to see and hear the city. Obviously these people don't actually use the park, but rather they are progressive liberal fascists, who love to do goody-goody two who things, to make themselves feel so oh la la lovely good, by destroying what other people love.

Anger is unfulfilled expectation, expressed as negative Emotion, as relative to the degree of Consequence, possessed of the expectation.

Negative Dimension and Context, MetaProperty Tandem w/ Somatic Being
As Somatic Being is the physical mechanism of any given sensory apparatus of the Positive Dimension, as all automatic processes, Animate Being is the willful decision making aspect of the memory-mind or Negative Dimension, as the Ego, Identities and Ipseities, which involves thought and consideration, contemplation, deduction, deliberation, cognition ideation or apprehension.

Triadic Intraverse
Tandem w/ Empirical and Conceptual Precedence
Assumed other dimensional influence on activity and behavior in the material physical world, such that Parts and Products would be affected, and would be called Anomalous Precedence.

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative
Consequence of Being or ordinary value distinction is assessed in reference to a a hierarchial scale of incremental value, between the opposed poles of the Antithetical Matrix and Metaphysical Ideals. Any given subject as an associative process, is compared as some degree more than Additory , and some degree less than Subtractive Bases, in reference to affinities of the same class. {Dissertations: Antipodal Associative Paradigm and Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

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