Theory Of Evolution
Theory of the origin of the universe wherein all matter was compressed to a point where it exploded, such that all elements in the universe are said to be flying apart from one another in an expanding universe. Seems that this theory can no longer be supported by the observable evidence. The Big Bang theory could be considered as a convenient premise which supports Progressive Materialism, in which the beginning of the universe represents Additory Base, from which to evaluate present conditions as progressed from, and giving it the Finite Context of progressive development. {Commentary: Evolution, Article: Bigbang}

The ability of Disconjunctive Association, or the attachment of association unconnected to a subject, as convenient to Conceptual Empowerment.

Conceptual Empowerment derived from the creation of Bipolar Value and Antithetical Opposition in which the transformation or destruction of pre-existent states, convenient to human volitional capacities, is explained and justified as the destruction of the bad, for the creation of the good, thus allowing complete volitional freedom, relative to regulation by Morality.

Oppositional Definition Tandem w/ Unified Consequence
Consequential Value dichotomized into inferior/superior attributes, by the creation of superior alternatives to any given state or circumstance, which are legitimized by obvious comparative contrast, and wherein what is defined as inferior may be used as material for what is defined as superior. Represents the value of any given changed state, as superior to the value of the tandem pre-existent state changed, by virtue of the superiority of increased well-being and the volitional abilities of Qualified States.

Determination, Conservative and Progressive Paradigms
The conflict and dichotomy inherent in the human condition described by the Consequence of Being, as to the determination of value and consequence of pre-existent states compared to alternative states and conditions which would replace them. The Bipolar Divergence represents two Authorities for human activity and behavior, and which results in what is described as the Conservative Spiritual Ethical and Progressive Material Volitional Identities, as made distinct by the economics of Necessity and Subsistence and Excess and Profit. The Conservative Paradigm descends from the concept of the Whole, whereby the function of the Whole is said to produce results and products internal to itself as the optimum condition for what it is. This condition is Conservative or preservative. The Progressive Paradigm descends from the concept of the Part wherein the function of the Part is said to produce results and products external to itself as for instance all human created anomaly.

Progressive Materialism & Dyadic Authoritative Comparative Tandem w/ Duality
Values as what is important, of Consequence, discriminatory or degrees of worth as qualities that are polarized into opposites such good/bad, heaven/hell, beauty/ugliness or worth and worthless. {Dissertations: Absence of Consequence, Overview and Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. Commentary: Duality}

The Body Spirit is a premise of Proto-religion, wherein the physical bodies of living entities, and the natural world of the Given Existence as a whole, are considered as micro and macro spiritual bodies, each having similar economic constitutions, each sharing an emotional constitution, described by the term Natural Affection, and also sharing a mental/spiritual facility, manifested as the whole experienced and understood by the part. The whole is appreciated by the experience of any given present circumstance as the micro, which is the same as and contains most if not all of the elements of the macro.

Zen Buddhism Tandem w/ Buddhism
Form of spirituality, religion or psychology based upon the achievement of and the implications incurred, from the experience of Enlightenment. {Commentaries: Buddhism and Enlightenment }