Tandem w/ Democracy
A system of government in which elected representation of the individual is based upon economic status. Money is the agent of all social and political relations. Nearly all volitional abilities, as what the individual is actually capable of, is based on money, rank and status, that money, property and possession provides. {Commentary Economacy}

Triadic Intraverse
Ecstaticism here would mean calm, rapturous, ecstasy as a combination of Natural Affection and Emotion, wherein everything natural is of Consequence, as well as beneficial human anomaly, and wherein a continuous sensory excitement would be prevalent, but to prevent burn-out, a controlled steady calm of the body and mind in necessitated.

Tandem w/ Identity
The Ego is said to be the memory Interpreter of primarily the Sentient System. The Ego is defined as the selector of Association, specifically as that which pertains to and affects the body - both internal and external. The Evaluative System of the Ego is called Optimum Correspondence, as assessment of optimum condition and operation of the body or any given entity. The Sentient System is called Natural Affection, in which the sensory response reflects the natural and direct affects upon the sensory apparatus and is not affected by Consequential Value. The Ego is called Conservative, which means its function is to evaluate the bodies correspondence to specific and constant performance correspondent to its environment and its own optimum operation.
{Dissertations : Ego, Psychology and Properties}

Hierarchical Arrangement tandem w/ Untouchable Class
Represents the Metaphysical Ideal and or Extra Mundane Authority of Progressive Materialism, as the greatest amount of Volitional Abilities. The Subtractive Base from which the lower classes assess themselves as less than. {Dissertation: Antipodal Associative Paradigm}

The object of Progressive Materialism wherein individuals are entitled to superior privileges and unequal advantage, based upon levels of status inherent to the Hierarchal Arrangement. Elitist status is reserved to those who best correspond to Authoritative Imperatives as Metaphysical Ideals and Extra mundane Authorities. Elitism is prone to Double Standards. {Dissertation: Right & Left Wing}

Progressive Material Volitional Identity and Progressive Paradigm Tandem w/ Natural Affection
Emotion is defined as physical reaction or response, of the Human Sensory Apparatus to sensual stimulation as present experience or thinking, or both the Positive and Negative Dimensions, wherein the response is affected by and relative to Associations which contain Consequential Value significant to the individual. Emotion is characterized as two types, based upon the division of Consequential Value into Unified and Bipolar Consequence. {Dissertations: Emotion and Natural Affection}

External Analysis
Knowledge which is derived from first-hand experience as the real circumstances of everyday living, which involves real physical consequences as time, energy conviction and risk, and which may employ the use of the state of External and Transcendental Analysis. {Dissertation: Consequence}

Triadic Intraverse
Tandem w/ Conceptual and Anomalous Precedence
Empirical means here nature or all natural Parts produce Products external to themselves, but internal to the Whole of which they are a part. Only humans can produce Products external to a Whole called External Dialectic or Transpartation.

The ability to believe anything, wherein if the belief is true or false is defined as irrelevant to the experience derived from believing called Learning Illusions. Belief inspires and exaggerates experiential Consequence, such that believed experience will tell on one's fears as opposed to the un-believed. [Dissertation : Semiotic Language]

A state of reality as perceived by an individual, in which everyday experience is interpreted as an extraordinary state of consequence analogous to larger historical perspectives.

Tandem w/ Duality
The experience of Unified Identity to an extra-ordinary degree, as a difficult to achieve and sustain sensory state, of pure beatific experience. An experience of one unified total reality as the Positive Dimension. Enlightenment is experience independent of the Negative Dimension, or the absence of Comparative States in the memory, as past and future. Said by some to be the only true religious experience. Enlightenment is an ultimate experience as a more full and complete appreciation of any given present circumstance. as the product of the existence of the universe. {Comment: Enlightenment}

Triadic Intraverse

Tandem w/ Matriarchy and Patriarchy
Where Matriarchy would be culture based on female traits and attributes, specifically the Ego, and Patriarchy on male mentality, specifically the Identities, Equiarchy would be culture of a combined ethos, psyche and psychology favoring an equality of the genders, but wherein preferences of the designs of roles would be relative to individual agreement.

Natural Affection Tandem w/ Conceptual Emotional Dynamic
The Sensory Response System of the Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity. The individual propensity of sensory response based upon the actual sensory condition wherein Correspondent Association is the vehicle of identification and context, as opposed to instructions for response based upon Dyadic Authoritative Comparatives. {Dissertations: Emotion and Overview}

Tandem w/ Equivalency Principle
The value and Consequence of any single entity is considered to be equal or equivalent to the Consequence of the whole, since thewhole is dependent upon each of its parts, the value of the Whole and the Part are said to be equivalent.

Unified Aggregate Tandem w/ Bipolar Consequence
Defines the consequence of the results & products of the natural change of the Given Existence, as equivalent to the tandem pre-existent state transformed or destroyed; wherein the change is equivalent to the promotion of the preservation of the former tandem state changed in identical or near like form. What is destroyed or consumed promotes the existence and identity of the consumer in exact or near identical form, and thus the consequence of what has been transformed is exactly equivalent to what has changed it.

Tandem w/ Ego
Essentia is called the Ego of the Soul and is tandem with the Euphoric or Spirit and Psychesoma or Soul. {Dissertation: Metaphoria}

Ethics and Morality Tandem w/ Moral Materialism
Defined here as an assessment that the inherent already existent condition of the Given Existence is an authority for human conduct. Ethical Spirituality is the consideration that the value of any naturally existing entity or state, is greater than the capability to transform or destroy it, for what is unnecessary. {Dissertation: Ethics and Morality}

Ethical Spirituality and Consequence of Being Tandem w/ Morality
Perspective wherein any given pre-existent state is considered of greater consequence and value than alternatives to it, even and especially when a detriment to the beneficiary of the change. Emphasizes Prohibitions as opposed to Volition. Consequence of Being inherent to any phenomenon, entity or event as Consequential Integrity, which prohibits or limits human volition, as the transformation or destruction of any given pre-existent state, for Conceptual Objectives. In the strictest sense as the alteration of any or all aspects of the Given Existence, or the creation and change of Qualified States. {Dissertation: Ethics & Morality and Commentary: Compassion}

Triadic Intraverse
Ethnosity would represent the probity, integrity, virtue, honesty, goodness, uprightness, rectitude, decency, honor, righteousness of those who would jettison the conventional Whole, as individuals and as would become, community and culture called MetaCulture.

Euphoric means Spirit as distinct from Soul called the Psychesoma. Represents individual manifestations of what's called the Metaphysical Dimension - and which acts as go-between or Interpretations of the Psychesoma - or whole of one - and the Ego - Identities and Ipseities. The degree to which the Euphorica comprehends the Psychesomic manifestation; is the degree to which the Euphoric commands aspects of the Psychesomic will.

Tandem w/ Interpretation and Comprehension
Evaluation means the assessment of significance and Consequence which determines of what the individual is aware and Cognizant and the quality of one's perceived reality. Evaluative systems as Optimum Correspondence and the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. [Dissertation: Evaluation]

Metaphysical Ideal, Ethics and Morality
Evil is so stupid that it sincerely believes that it is the greatest gift to goodness ever, but well with the introduction of Excess and Profit, you got what we need, so we have to divide the entirety of the realm into two, or something and nothing, us and them, good and bad. It's not that hard, like night and day, life and death or hot and cold. So first it begins with lies, and we demean them, we good you bad. And since that is so, why should you, the evil-doer, have what you have. Then comes the stealing, and they steal for the deserving good, from the foul inferior who don't deserve it. Then comes the killing when the victims fight back, and then sooner or later the holocausters , who murder millions in the name of destroying evil, to make the planet a better place as God's will, and send them all to hell as they deserve early. {Dissertations: Evil, Metaphysical Ideal, Antagonistic Opposition, Ethics & Morality Fascism}

Definitive Value Tandem w/ Necessity & Subsistence
The results & products of activity & behavior in excess of what is necessary. Represents addition and increase as profit, defined as Volitional Abilities, in excess of the energy, effort, time or risk, necessary to sustain and maintain the qualities & conditions of a standard of living, in a same or similar condition. {Dissertations: Excess & Profit and Historical Materialism}

Socialism Tandem w/ Corporate Capitalism
Small Capitalism such a family owned business for private profit. {Dissertation : Amalgamism}

Existent Equality, Determination, Progressive Determination Tandem w/ Finite Determination
Existent Determination is the Conservative determinant that explains all natural change as promoting the preservation of the pre-existent state changed in a same or similar state and condition. The reason, purpose, meaning and context of pre-existent states, as any given natural condition of nature are explained by what they manifest themselves to be and already are. This condition produces the environment for all planetary life, and wherein by the concept of Orbital Correlation, every state and entity must maintain a consistent correspondence in its being and dynamics, to planetary conditions as prescribed by the planetary orbit. {Dissertations: Finite Determination, Proto-religious Determination, Determination and Synopsis}

An Existent Entity would describe any phenomenon that produces affects or change upon a separate and independent entity. Existent Entities would have a unified function of each of its Parts, producing phenomenon internal, external and inter-penetrate to itself.

Existent Determination
Any given pre-existent state As-Is, equal in Consequence to any given changed state that replaces it, wherein the construct of an entity precedes its existence, as seeds, eggs, embryos, genes and the like, and where the changed state is preservative of the pre-existent form, as continuative regeneration. {Dissertation : PolyCulture}

Whole and Accordant Authority
Existence Equity applies to the concept of the Whole, wherein the Consequence of any given entity or Part, as a function of an aggregate or Whole, would possess and equity of consequential existence, by its necessity and contribution to the Whole of the aggregate, and as applicable socially, to the Consequence of the individual in Socialist, Government, and society, to include necessary and desired Capitalists.

Sequence Continuum, Pre-existent States and Post-existent States
Active change, such as a snowball rolling down hill or simply time passing is called Existent States, as what is happening in the present now, like the in-between Pre- and Post-Existence, as always and ongoing change, like earth's orbital day to night.

Attendant Property Tandem w/ Conservative and Progressive
Conservative change preserves the original state. Progressive change replaces the original state with the new and improved. Metaphysical change would promote change possessed of other-dimensional considerations called intercession. One would assume that the Exoteric emanate from a larger overall perspective and perhaps visa vi an already pre-known future. {Schematic}

Change Tandem w/ Compositional and Conceptual Change
Exoteric Change is modification that is said to emanate from other-dimensions of which Monotheism, Polytheism and Metaphoria are and would be based. Affect as affected by other-dimensionality. {Dissertation : Change}

The Exoteric Paradigm is a world view and perspective outside the Conservative and Progressive Paradigms or Conservative/Progressive Dichotomy.

Metaphysical Ideal and Dyadic Authoritative Comparative
With the introduction of Excess and Profit and the Consequential Negation of the material world, and the institution of Metaphysical Ideal and Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, and wherein the individual to achieve Consequence must acquire physical or other dimensional assets, it is all too tempting to just steal it, from the undeserving and low on the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative evaluative scale of human worth, and when they resist, it leads to murder and mayhem and eventually holocaust, but all for world's betterment.

Tandem w/ Internal Analysis
Represents ongoing analysis of definitions by self-defining over any number of years, as integral in the activity & behavior of everyday living, in which the individual utilizes Transitive Concepts in which to discover by the observation of events, relatable information, evidence and proofs, which pertains to what has been learned and what has not. {Dissertation: Internal Analysis}

Politics Tandem w/ Internal Authority
As a philosophical and psychological premise, External Authority means the individual thinks, acts and operates based on authority external to the individual's self-deciding, like the Bible or science tells me so. In terms of Politics External Authority means that the purposes and agencies of Government are usurped for the benefit of some few for purposes external to the community, social and cultural embodiment. Examples of External Authority are Oligarchy, Monarchy, Totalitarianism or Theocracy. {Dissertation: Politics}

Triadic Intraverse
A Part produces Products primarily external to itself called the External Dialectic, in contrast to a Whole, which produces Products primarily internal to itself, called the Internal Dialectic.

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative Tandem w/ Antithetical Matrix
The Metaphysical Ideal of Religious Materialism, as Volitional Abilities that transcend earthly existence, or Comparative States in future, which gives Finite Context, to any given present circumstance, and represents Subtractive Authorization and Base, in which to define any given phenomenon, entity or event, as some degree less than. {Dissertations: Religion and Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Negative Dimension tandem w/ Intrinsic Authority
Dictates of human activity & behavior, wherein the Authority originates from the Negative Dimension as the memory or thinking, which lies outside the boundaries of immediate sensory perception, of any given present circumstance of the Positive Dimension. {Dissertation: Authority for Human Activity & Behavior}

Tandem w/ Intrinsic Dominion
The purpose of a Part is said to be to produce products external to itself, thus its dominion would be said to be external to itself, in all cases of the natural world, the Whole of which it is a Part. In the case of Transpartation, wherein the Part produces Products for the benefit of private, limited and contained interests, outside and removed and extrinsic from the Whole as Extrinsic Dominion.