Capitalism Tandem w/ Democracy
Fascism as autocratic is said to descend from Excess and Profit which as Private Property must be protected by force of law and arms. Because Excess and Profit accumulates into fewer and fewer hands, its natural propensity is to Fascism. Corporate Capitalism assimilated into government is sometimes defined as Fascism. Tendencies to Fascism are said to be Monotheism, Patriarchy and Capitalism. Fascism is associated with the Part. {Dissertation : Fascism}

Finite Determination
Material Authority for the progressive context, as an interpretation of the human condition, wherein results & products as increased and progressed value and consequence, explains the reason, purpose and meaning of the activity and behavior of existence, or any given present circumstance. Directs that the qualities, conditions, activity & behavior in the present, be used for and directed towards ends in the future, which give the present purpose, meaning and direction, equivalent to the value of the objective, as increased value or Excess & Profit. {Dissertations: Finite Determination and Overview}

Determination and Material Authority, Progressive Determination Tandem w/ Existent and Finite Determination
Finite Determination designates the creation of results and products as altered states, which construe and explain the activity and behavior of change: as increased value and Consequence. The Progressive Paradigm defines the Consequence and worth of human activity and behavior as Excess and Profit. By the Progressive Paradigm, since the natural world does not by itself produce increased value above and beyond what it already is at any given time, it is considered to be absent any meaningful Consequence. From Finite Determination is derived the concepts of Definitive Value and Finite Context. {Dissertation: Finite Determination, Determination}

Logic Tandem w/ Authority Reasoning
Foundation Reasoning means that conclusions are derived from grounds, foundation, facts, evidence and premises as given and collected, to which the conclusion should be derived regardless of the personal predilections of the reasoner. Correlates to the Inductive method of reasoning from particular to general. {Dissertations: Logic, and Ideologue}

Absent Determinant, Volition
Tandem w/ Prohibitive Consequence
The ability to create alternatives to any given present circumstance or state of mind. The absence of the knowledge of future states that would prohibit activity, behavior and conduct in the present. The absence of the knowledge of Consequence, concerning any given instance, the awareness of which would prohibit human volition. The absence of Prohibitive Consequence or the foreknowledge thereof that would prohibit Volition. Free choice. Free Will is the absence of Prohibition. Free Will is the essence of Spirituality, as the ability of the creation of thought and action based upon the absence of prohibitives, particularly the knowledge of future outcome, or the definitive and certain identification and definition of any given entity. {Commentaries: Volition and God}

Time Logic
Expectation of the future, as how it is preferred, and how it is thought it should be, as Conservative, which would be affiliated with the Whole, meaning maintaining its integrity. Progressivity would prefer change for the so-called betterment, which would be affiliated with the Part, the function of which to produce Products in future. Exoterica would prefer change the same as the present, or then as now, without adulteration of past of future, and would be affiliated with Products, the purpose of which to be used in present.

Time Logic
Future-propensity as Time Logic, would be a propensity to prefer the future to be distinct, from the past and present as an improved state, although pure destruction might be preferable to a present instance. Future-propensity is the preference of the Progressive, as the improvement of so-called inferior qualities and conditions. Future Propensity is associated with the Part, the function of which is to produce Products in future.

Mystical Dimension and Synchronicity Tandem w/ Metempiric Power
Psychic abilities as unconscious premonitions that predict events and allows for thought, word and action to correspond to events in future, thus allowing for the illusion of Metempiric Power and Enigmatic Reality.