Emotion Tandem w/ Love
Emotion is considered to be animated sensory response, wherein the content of the association contains Consequential Value. Hate is said to derive from threats, damage or the destruction of what is considered to be of consequence to the individual. Hate is the opposite of Love, which is feeling for what is considered to be of Consequence. {Dissertations: Natural Affection and Emotion}

Antipodal Associative Paradigm
Hierarchy of status in reference to human social relations equating essentially to degrees of Volitional Abilities, which result from the introduction or adoption of Excess & Profit. The status, worth and consequence of the individual is determined, by comparison to the Positive and Negative Base Comparative Standards on the scale of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. {Dissertations: Antipodal Associative Paradigm and Hierarchy}

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Antipodal Associative Paradigm Tandem w/ Natural Development
The hierarchy and pecking order of human social relations in opposition to an equality of social consequence, commonly associated with patriarchal social structure, but said here to be inherent to the duality and polarity intrinsic to the Mundane Consciousness of Progressive Materialism. The duality created, where objectives considered as superior ideals and models, act as authority for human activity, behavior and conduct, creating social structure based on the degree to which the individual conforms and corresponds to these imperatives. {Dissertations: Hierarchy and Antipodal Associative Paradigm}

The Hierarchy of Consequence is the degree of Consequence the individual will assign to any or and all given elements or entities, which is said to determine the degree of attention one would attend. Thus one may pay no attention to important things like proper eating, living or emotional health, and pay devoted attention to completely unimportant things like fashion, status or trivial pursuits. The Hierarchy of Consequence is related to and usually based on the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative as a system of Progressive evaluation, from the primitive as little or no Consequence to the developed as superior Consequence. The Hierarchy of Consequence is said to determine the level of intelligence of the individual.

Progressive Materialism
The history of that aspect of humankind that engages in Excess and Profit as Progressive Materialism, and that comprises most of recorded history. {Dissertation Historical Materialism}a

Morality, Ethics and Humanism
Codes of human conduct which are derived and result from the premises of Excess and Profit and the correspondent perspective of Progressive Materialism. Historical Morality encompasses societies and cultures which in general proceeds beyond the economics of Necessity and Subsistence. Morality is the resulting codes of conduct based upon what humans want, such that the Prohibitive Integrity of any entity is contingent upon its condition of progressed development. {Dissertation: Humanism}

Resident Identity and Identity Determinant
Human identity is the comparative attributes used describe the individual self and the associative and symbolic significance of those attributes. Identity is defined by the Identity Determinant, as primarily two, or the Progressive Material Volitional Identity wherein the individual describes the self by material attributes and the Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity describes oneself in terms of aspects or the whole of the natural world and universe.

Morality and Ethics Tandem w/ Progressive Humanism
The ideal of humanism is a philosophy of universal respect and dignity for all human life. This ideal considers human existence to be deserving of decent economic conditions as standards of living, equality of opportunity, social justice, human rights or access to the means of a dignified existence. Humanism is an extension of the Historical Morality, which seeks to eliminate the class divisions inherent in Progressive Materialism. {Dissertation: Humanism}

Referred to here in the sense of as considered distinct from all other animal species of the planetary existence, by especially the facility to create Excess & Profit. This distinction is illustrated by the difference between a Beaver Dam and Hydroelectric Projects. Humankind by such differences which are in complete opposition to all the rest of nature, can be said to have more in common with the posit of alien beings than any other planetary species. In terms of the Theory of Evolution, which seems logical to the point of obviousness, and may be applicable to all or some other planetary life, there is no direct archeological link between modern human beings and the most likely evolutionary descendants such as apes.

Law and Conceptual Authority Tandem w/ Natural Law
Authorities for human activity and behavior as Accords, codes, strictures, law, agreements, standards, to which humans are expected and demanded to conform and correspond, and by force where Common Consent Accords are not agreed upon. Human Law is based upon Conceptual Authority, that means based upon the regulation of human conduct that proceeds from the creation and sustainment of Qualified States. Since all Qualified States are Progressive, Human Law therein constructed upon, is generally in conflict with nature and Natural Law.

Specifically considered here as used to blame the wrongs of humankind, wherein in reality the problems are directly attributable to the propensities of Progressive Materialism, the acknowledgment of which would be inconvenient to progressive ambitions.

Positive, Negative Dimensions and Sensory Response System
Every person is born to a molecular, genetic, and chemical composition and identity, as the human organism, possessing a Human Sensory Apparatus, which registers all perception and sensation, as every stimuli and sensation perceived by the sensory apparatus, as impressions and images, originating interior or exterior to the body. The human organism contains a sensory apparatus of five senses, which involves the nerve apparatus and brain function, which registers the immediate occurrence of sensual stimulation, experienced as incremental degrees of distinction and accordance which originates in the Positive Dimension, and is communicated to the memory. {Dissertation: Positive Dimension}