Excess & Profit Tandem w/ Spiritual Authority
Authority for human activity & behavior is alternatives to the Given Existence, which are the results & products of human created change. The Consequence of Being of any phenomenon, entity or event is defined as material resource for and contribution to results & products as changed states, which promotes the absence of the conditions of the natural world or any given pre-existent state or circumstance. {Dissertations: Authority for Human Activity & Behavior and Authority}

Human Identity and Progressive Material Volitional Identity Tandem w/ Spiritual Identity
The Material Identity defines the self in terms of material attributes, as what is possessed or the potential to possess, such as genetics, family history, occupation or physical and mental talents. The degree of consequence the individual possesses in direct relation to the degree of material assets possessed and or the potential to gain such assets. The Identity of the Mundane Consciousness of Progressive Materialism. Human Identity defined by its degree of progression from a natural to progressed stages of development, both in terms of personal achievement and possessions. {Dissertations: Identity Consciousness & Intellect}

Finite Determination tandem w/ Spirituality and MetaMaterialism
Materialism is the human perspective in which the Consequence of Being of any phenomenon, entity or event, is defined as material resource for and contribution to results & products as changed states, which promotes the creation of Qualified States. Changed states explain the existence of pre-existent conditions, states or entities which means the creation of results & products gives reason, purpose and meaning to the pre-existent material necessary to produce them. Progression toward Extra Mundane Authorities is the use of the present as material for the eventuality of future states. {Dissertation: Historical Materialism, Commentary: Materialism}

Tandem w/Patriarchy
Culture based on female values specifically defined here as Polytheism, Socialism and Democracy. MetaProperty attributives are Condition, All, the Whole, Ego and Ipseities.

Meditation is the practice of the concentration of the mind for the purposes of calming or stilling the thinking, generally in conjunction with controlled breathing, that is usually associated with the intention of producing the state of what is called Enlightenment. Meditation can take various forms such as concentrating on one thing only, or on nothing at all in conjunction with breathing. The act of not thinking is to end self-preoccupation and allow other influences to enter into the realm of Consciousness. Also may be considered as the focus of attention or continual return to specific matters such as intellectual problems maintained over some period time in terms of many years or a lifetime.

Tandem w/ Materialism
MetaMaterialsm synonymous of Metaphysics means beyound physical/material as specifically Religion wherein the Whole is defined by the Part or Condition is defined by Context as conscious reality is defined by such as Christ is risen. Spirituality defined wherein the Part is defined by the Whole as Context is defined by Conditon. Metaphoria defined wherein : the product of Condition and Context is Cognizant Metaphor.

Tandem w/ Spirituality and Religion
From metaphor only meaning Spiritual intercession in any given present instance would be metaphor as communication with other-dimensional entities such as Spirit.

Metaphysical Ideal
Metaphysical is defined here as beyond the physical or other-dimensional. The Positive Dimension is defined as physical or the First Dimension as Condition - the Negative as the Second is memory and Context and the Metaphysical as the Third Dimension is other dimensional being such as Spirit and Soul.

Tandem w/ Positive and Negative Dimensions

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative Tandem w/ Antithetical Matrix
The object and identity of Progressive Materialism, as progressive material acquisition, or Volitional Abilities. This can be fame, fortune, power, property, talent, super hero; in which the individual defines any state, entity or personal identity, as equal to or some degree less. This gives reason, meaning and purpose in the context of progressive achievement. The term Metaphysical Ideal as used in the context of this work, is taken from the Greek, where Meta meaning beyond is joined with physical meaning materiality, and ideal meaning perfection, to produce physical perfection which is beyond, such as all the benefits and power or riches or the ultimate religious salvation. Companion to the Metaphysical Ideal is what is termed the Extra Mundane Authority, that represents the progressive accumulation of religious of spiritual attributes, as the object of most organized systems termed Religious Materialism. {Dissertations: Metaphysical Ideal and Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

MetaProperties are synopsis form of attributes or elements of reality as Triadics or series of three. The current MetaProperties are : the All, One and Null - the Whole, Part and Product - the Ego, Identities, Ipseities, and Incarnation, Spirit and Soul.

Authorized and Unauthorized Tandem W/ Future-sync
Power to create physical change by the seeming facility of magic, wherein nonphysical means are employed. Attributable to spiritual forces which are inherent aspects of the Given Existence, and which may be accessible to any given individual in any time and place, as Authorized or Unauthorized. {Dissertation: Metempiric Power}

Lower and Upper Stations
Social ranking in the middle of the Antipodal Associative Paradigm when adding up from the Untouchable Class and Lower Station, and subtracting down from the Elite Class and Upper Station. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Religion Tandem w/ Polytheism
With the advent of Excess and Profit the concept of Antithetical Opposition becomes apparent as resource and products, or that transformed or destroyed for that created as tree to lumber. Excess and Profit is progressive producing ever more and thus arises the worker owner social relations pyramid with owners achieving ever more power. Monotheism defines what is of Consequence primarily perfection and also condones central authority of the autocrat and is with its intolerance of other Gods fascist.

Morality Tandem w/ Ethics and Ethical Spirituality
Codes and standards for human conduct and behavior that accord to and become necessary with the introduction of Excess and Profit and Progressive Materialism, in contrast to Ethical Spirituality. {Dissertations: Ethics & Morality and Humanism}

Dyadic Moral Obligation
Morality as the codes of human conduct of Progressive Materialism, is the regulation of activity, behavior and conduct in a world with no inherent consequence. If the naturally existing world, specifically as Necessity & Subsistence, is not a valid authority for human conduct, then authorities must be conceptual which is subjective, and wherein agreement is difficult if not impossible. In terms of human relations value and consequence is assessed by means of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. {Dissertation: Absence of Consequence}

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative tandem w/ Ethics
The perspective of the Absence of Consequence when considered as an inherent condition of the natural world, allows for the complete free exercise of human Volition. The absence of absolute prohibitions on the transformation or destruction of any state or entity as an inherent condition of existence, means that anything can be used as material for the creation of Excess and Profit, to include humankind as labor. Morality is the prohibitive vehicle of Progressive Materialism in terms of human relations, in which the the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative is the vehicle in which value and consequence are assessed, and which determines how states, conditions, entities and individuals can be treated. Private Property is the protection of the individual determination of value and consequence. {Dissertations: Ethics & Morality and Humanism}

Progressive Material Volitional Identity Tandem w/ Symbolic Consciousness
Interpretive Context of Progressive Materialism, wherein the condition of the physical existence is perceived and believed to have no inherent consequence and value in and of itself. Wherein the individual perceives the reality of the human condition in terms of and in which the identity and definition of everything tends to be singular, isolated and independent with no overall plan, coordination, theme, purpose or goal. All phenomenon and change is considered as material, mechanical and automatic like cause and affect, wherein the impetus of all change is due to simple interactions of the properties of the elements involved such as the mixture of cold and warm air. {Dissertation: Consciousness & Intellect}

Absent Comparative
Represents the condition of human consciousness which is absent the ability of any true certainty of knowledge.

Positive and Negative Dimensions
Dimension opposite the Positive or physical world as non-physical being, which represents the facility of eternity in terms of the singularity of physical existence transcending into the universality of infinite being in the aggregate. {Dissertation: Dimensional}

Free Will Tandem w/ Imperative Determinant
The essence of Proto-religion is the Absent Determinant, or the absence of any known result & product as a future state, which would explain the reason, purpose and meaning of the Given Existence, as something different from what it already is. The Imperative Determinant in terms of a known future state distinct from the natural world, would require and dictate human activity & behavior, to correspond to the production of that end, and would represent the absence of human Volition. The Mystical Naught is the essence of Free Will.

Proto-religion, Mystical Naught
Tandem w/ Religion
Mysticism concerns the condition termed the Absent Determinant, that pertains to the absence of limits in reference to the dimensionality of the universe. This absence produces the consideration that there is no certain way to ascertain what anything that naturally exists actually is, what this existence is for, how anything natural should be treated, what existence means or of what value and consequence should be given to any or all elements of the natural world. This condition allows for complete conceptual freedom or Free Will, by virtue of the fact that otherwise, the certain knowledge of either known identity or specific outcome such as heaven or hell, would dictate activity, behavior and conduct in the present, thus relegating it to requirement. The concept of Mysticism is said here to be an interpretation which accepts the condition of the Absent Determinant, and further, considers it to be the very essence of Spirituality. Free determination and the latitude of decision making is the ability and responsibility to determine the consequence of the self and others, and of every entity to include the universe itself, which will indicate the conduct the individual will adopt. Mysticism is individual and personal in character and thus cannot easily be formalized into large organizations, but traditionally takes the forms of personal attitude, small sects or secret societies. {Dissertations: Absent Determinant and Proto-religious Determination}