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Progressive Paradigm Tandem w/ Whole
Every Part is a Whole and every Whole is a Part called a Controversal, described as circumscribed domain, composed of numerically limited multiplicity of elements or components, which comprise a unified function in conjunction with each other. The purpose of the Part as distinguished from a Whole, is said to produce and support products as externalities to itself. The Progressive Paradigm descends from the concept of the Part, wherein its function is defined as producing results and products external to itself. When those results and products are defined as superior to what is produced by the internal Whole, such as Excess & Profit considered superior to the Necessity & Subsistence of the natural Whole of nature, the function of the Part as producing results and products external to itself is called Progressive.

Conservative and Progressive Paradigms. Tandem w/ Philosophy, Psychology and Metaphysics
Defined here in the original sense as a particular way of doing something, like a philosophy of fishing, living or lifestyle. Also defined as the knowledge of the wisest way to live, as a love of learning, wisdom and knowledge. Further philosophy is the systematic study and attempted understanding of the nature of knowledge itself, and which are categorized as the study of such things as mind, logic, language, ethics and morality, religion, politics or metaphysics.
Philosophy as a theory defined here pertains to Cognizance or sentient awareness, as its Condition in the Positive Dimension or physical world, and the experience of Consequence in that Condition, wherein evaluations of same would determine the life experience of the individual, such as what and what is not important enough for Cognizance. The condition of human Cognizance in the physical world is said to produce two fundamental Interpretive systems called Conservative and Progressive Paradigms. of which are said to be endemic to terrestial existence. [Dissertation: Philosophy]

Represents varying opinions, arguments and violent conflict concerning the purposes and beneficiaries of Government, as to the what, how and who social organizations should represent and how they should be operated. Political parties as groups of individuals embracing the same or similar political philosophies are formed and maintained to enact, enforce and maintain their political agendas within the government. Thus various kinds of governments are identified and defined based on the means in which governments are constituted and used to promote specific agendas. {Dissertation: Politics}

Utopian Politics
Formula for human population control sustained at a fixed level or Stable State, as a ratio representing the degree to which the environment is to be used for resource, indexed to an agreed upon standard of living as an economic aesthetic. {Dissertation: Population Formula}

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative Tandem w/ Negative Base Comparative Standard
Comparative Base as as the highest degrees of value and consequence such as the Metaphysical Ideal and Extra Mundane Authority, in which any phenomenon, entity or event is compared as some degree less. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Intrinsic Authority Tandem w/ Negative and Mystical Dimensions
The Positive Dimension represents the field, universe and origin of all sensation, as every stimuli and sensory perception, originating interior or exterior to the human sensory apparatus, confined to the boundary of immediate perception, registered automatically, in every waking moment, of any given present circumstance, independent of the memory, wherein no value, as Association or recollection is attached, affects, or animates the sensory reception or response. {Dissertation: Positive Dimension}

Negative Dimension
Present-time Intellection is thinking, in any given present state or circumstance, as Association, or impressions, images and Symbols, as either Correspondent or Disconjunctive Association.

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative Tandem w/ Secondary Assessment
The Primary Assessment is either the Additory or Subtractive Base from which the individual relies for the assessment of value and consequence, depending upon the preference to evaluate by addition from the Antithetical Matrix, or by subtraction from the Metaphysical Ideal or Extra Mundane Authority. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Morality Tandem w/ Prohibitive Integrity
The Metaphysical Ideal of Progressive Materialism, is intellectual and material property, which gives Finite Context, or meaning and purpose, to human activity & behavior as the accumulation of Volitional Abilities. Provides material identity which signifies the consequence of the individual as the creation or possession of property. Produces a means to individuality, and the allowance and promotion of disagreement, wherein the individual having a private state, is not required to compromise with others. Provides Prohibitive Integrity to states or entities which otherwise would have no consequence. Dissertations: Absence of Consequence and Private Property

Whole and Part
Products which are said to be produced internal to a Whole and external to a part.

Progressive Tandem w/ Natural Development
Nature is Conservative which means that all change preserves the original or tandem state changed, wherein the fundamental law of the economics of living things is Necessity and Subsistence. Progression is defined as the ability to create Excess and Profit or more than what is necessary. Progression is defined as change which produces states distinct from previous conditions which are considered as improved and superior to the former. Progression is the transformation or destruction of a pre-existent state for the purpose of replacing it with an improved and superior condition. The value of the new condition is primary, which means that it justifies the transformation or destruction of the state it replaces. The replaced state is relative, which means it possesses a legitimacy of existence only if it cannot be replaced by a superior state or entity. Progressed states can be considered as anything from the development of technology, improved housing or increased status, to the development of talent, education or better health. {Dissertation: Conservative/Progressive Dichotomy}

Extrinsic Authority Tandem w/ Conservative
Progressed states are considered as of greater consequence than the value of pre-existent states or entities they replace. Change which is defined as producing a superior state or condition to that which was replaced by transformation or destruction. The progressive promotion of the abilities of human Volition, by the production of Qualified States which promotes the absence of the qualities & conditions of the natural world, or any given pre-existent state or entity. The authority for human activity and behavior is the Extrinsic Authority of conception from which all human created anomaly is created and sustained. Progressive is defined as Excess and Profit or changed states created usually to the devolution of pre-existent states. Excess and Profit explains activity and behavior as effort producing more than was before. Illustrated as the Whole, the Part predominates and is of greater consequence than is the Whole, as instanced progressive elitism and it's political system is Capitalism. {Dissertations: Conservative/Progressive Dichotomy and Absence of Consequence}

Determination, Finite Determination tandem w/ Existent Determination
Progressive Determination is that most or at least most human-created change should promote progressed qualities, states and conditions. Progressive Determination explains Consequential change as activity and behavior which increases value and Consequence. {Dissertations: Determination, Finite Determination}

Finite Context
Perspective as historical dichotomy wherein qualities & conditions of human living in any given past time or place, represent Antithetical Opposites and Additory Base, from which successive human activity & behavior is explained, justified, and given context, as progressive improvement. {Dissertation: Historical Materialism} Related: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, Conceptual Empowerment

Resident Identity Tandem w/ Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity
Resident Identity of any given individual, who has been inculcated or who has adopted the Consequential Values of Progressive Materialism. The Sensory Response System of this identity is the Conceptual Emotional Dynamic. Emotion as affected by consequential value which is bipolar, produces an antagonistic emotional make-up of oppositional love/hate dichotomies. This identity is dependent upon the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative to assess consequence and value wherein by the logic of Progressive Materialism, the natural world is considered to have no inherent consequence in and of itself. This identity is also characterized by the inability of responsibility termed Responsibility Negation, which means that when the individual only follows the instructions of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, responsibility can only be assumed for the degree to which the individual corresponds to those instructions. {Dissertations: Identity, Consequence & Intellect and Overview}

Materialism Tandem w/ Conservative Spirituality
Authority for human activity and behavior as the Progressive creation of Excess & Profit, wherein the consequence and value, termed Consequence of Being, of any phenomenon, entity or event may be defined as contributive material resource for the promotion of the increase of human created states and volitional capacities. {Dissertation: Metaphysical Ideal}

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