Progressive Materialism Tandem w/ Conservative Paradigm
The governing agenda of a culture or society, in this case the fundamental paradigm deriving from Excess and Profit, producing Progressive Materialism, as opposed to the Conservative Paradigm. The Progressive Paradigm consists in Progression, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism. The Progressive Paradigm is said to descend from the concept of the Part, which means when the designated function of any given entity is assigned that of producing results and products external to itself it is called a Part. The Progressive Paradigm defines the natural world as Absent any Consequence, and thus designates it to the function of a Part, which must produce products external to itself in the form of material, mental and religious anomaly. {Dissertation : Progressive Paradigm, Metaphysical Ideal, Properties}

The object of progression is to produce greater freedoms. But the absence of controls inherent in the concept of progression, eventually necessitates enforced constraints upon every aspect of living, by the sheer volume of progressive population increase and every contingent complication.

Ethics and Morality Tandem w/ Volition
Prohibitions are based upon the protection of what is considered of Consequence and what is not. What is prohibited by the inner self as conscience or the outer world as law. The basis of Conservative Spirituality is prohibitions based on respect for pre-existent states and conditions as natural states, as opposed to Progressive Materialism wherein the emphasis is upon Volition. The emphasis of Secularism is upon volitional abilities as opposed to Prohibitions.

Prohibitive Integrity
Comparative states in future, as Conceptual Objectives, which possess an impossible or detrimental consequential outcome, which thus prohibits Volition, as the directing of activity & behavior towards ends. {Commentary: Volition}

Prohibitive Consequence
Consequential Integrity of pre-existent states, which prohibits transformation or destruction, for alternative qualities & conditions, as limitations upon Volition.

Tandem w/ Primary, Attendant, Principle, Meta and Sub Properties
Refers to nomenclature for the various sub-distinctions of the three dimensions as Positive, Negative and Metaphysical. Dissertations : Properties

Resident Identity
The human body and mind, as the unique and inherent propensities, of genes, chemistry and character, as the born sensory apparatus, independent of the modifications, conditioned by time and place, as historical cultural influence.

Mysticism and Spirituality Tandem w/ Religious Materialism
Umbrella term for all the many interpretations and manifestations which derive from the condition of the Absent Determinant and Mystical Naught, that produces the personal and localized interpretations of what characterizes the various aspects of Mysticism and Proto-religion. The Proto-religious character is considered to be manifested in the capacity and responsibility of free will, that derives from the condition of the Absent Determinant, wherein there is no known and certain context and definition that defines existence such that the will must conform to it. The individual is free to interpret what spirituality is if anything. Proto-religion is further defined in terms of the present physical existence of the natural world considered to be a Spiritual State and condition. This includes the ability of any given individual, to evidence as sensory experience, Spiritual Manifestation, as any or all elements or aspects of the Given Existence, wherein the individual may have a relationship with any or all elements of the natural world in terms of Spiritual Context and Semiotic Language. {Dissertations: Proto-religion and Proto-religious Determination}

Spiritual Authority
Proto-religious Determination represents the Given Existence as absent Imperative Determinants, or any known, certain or specific reason, purpose, meaning or motive which would dictate the activity, behavior and conduct of every aspect of the life of the individual, and thus allows for the capacity of human free will. By the absence of Imperative Determinants the individual can respond to criterion of present circumstance, in which if spirit is not other dimensional, but alive in the moment, the person can have an ongoing experiential relationship. {Dissertation: Proto-religious Determination}

Progressive Paradigm and Authority Reasoning
Also called Ideology, Pseudo-cerebral means facts, evidence and premises are selected and disregarded based upon Authoritative Imperatives and and Dictates, disregarding any real substantiation and corroboration. It's true if the bible says so. Commentary : Pseudo Cerebral

Politics Tandem w/ Liberal
Pseudo-conservatives are in reality Progressive, wherein their entire identities are based on the accumulation of property, assets or good works and deeds reliant on the transformed state.

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative Tandem w/ Liberal Propensity
Propensity to evaluate consequence and value by subtraction from Metaphysical Ideals and Extra Mundane Authorities as what is developed, advanced, refined, progressed and superior. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Intelligence defined as complication.

Soul, Metaphysical Dimension
The Psychesoma means or is just another name for Soul, and is characterized by the Obscurity Principle, meaning if the future were known it would dictate the present and one to the thinking and actions of an automaton. The key element characterizing the Psychesoma is the concept of the Null, as unknown future from the perspective of physical existence. {Dissertation: LifeTimes}

Negative Dimension, Context
Psychology is methods of the mind and memory, as reasons and rational for thought, action and behavior, and can include anything from Politics, Ethics, Morality to Religion, Spirituality or art and science. Psychology is all the various forms of rationales, as reasons for specific types of reasoning and rationalization. {Dissertations : Psychology and Metaphysical Psychology}