One of the primary religions of China descended from the sage (Laozi usually written Lao Tzu), thought to have lived in the sixth century BC., who wrote a book of versus called the (Daode jing, usually written Tao te ching). Tao sometimes written Dao means the Way or Path of all things and nature. Fundamental premises are the principle of Chaos or empty Void that possesses infinite possibilities of existence. Out of Chaos arises (qi pronounced chee), that is said to be vital energy or breath. A fundamental characteristic of qi is a bipolar principle of duality and opposites symbolized in Chinese philosophy by what is termed the Yin and Yang, that are primary elements of duality found in the Chinese 'Book of Changes' or 'I Ching'. The conflict of the duality of qi is said to produce all change that takes the form of the way. From the Way is what happens. Parallels Buddhism in the idea that one must transcend duality to obtain Transcendence.

Spirit or spirits that is inherent within and co-existent with the natural planetary world. May or may not be considered distinct from Spirit that inhabits non-localized planetary dimensions, as perhaps pervasive of the larger universe. The existence and manifestation of non-material or other dimensional qualities and conditions that may exhibit intelligence and may cause or influence real events and circumstance. In the sense of terrestrial is considered distinct from the usual concept of God that may be thought of as unworldly, universal and possessing attributes that are in opposition to planetary conditions.

Big Bang Theory tandem w/ Orbital Correlation
The Theory of Evolution on its face would seem to have merit although it may still be open to question whether the links between species, as one evolves from another, actually exist. However the theory of evolution may be convenient as an Intellectual Authorization for the purposes of Progressive Materialism, wherein all living entities are considered to be merely chemical and biological physical processes, and possess no real Inherent Consequence, as monkey or man. This allows for any given entity to be used for the convenience of objectives, based upon degrees of progression that determines worth and consequence. {Commentary: Evolution}

Empirical Knowledge
The study of human nature by the study of the self, wherein it must be assumed that everyone is born with a similar Human Sensory Apparatus, and a relationship with the planetary environment which is not that dissimilar from any other given individual. Since the person has only one body and can be in only one place at one time, and is restricted to specific geographical, social and cultural environments and perspectives of time and space, knowledge is obtained by the concepts of Analysis to create universal perspectives.

Future Expectancy is expectation of the future, as how it is preferred, and how it is thought it should be, as the three fundamental time elements of the past, or Past-Propensity preferred, some conception of the future or Future-Propensity, and Present-Propensity preferred. Past-Propensity would be the Time Logic of the Whole, Future-Propensity of the Part, and Present-Propensity of the Product.

Buddhism and Taoism Tandem w/ Duality
Used here to mean specifically the transcendence of consciousness from Duality and Bipolar Values, to that of a unification with the universal one and whole. Specifically from the perspective of Any Age Authority, the transcendence from the Mundane Consciousness to the Symbolic. In Buddhism the Transcendence of duality may proceed to a state Consciousness that transcends the cycle of karma and reincarnation. In Taoism represents the transcendence of duality to a state of immortality. Related is a quote translated directly from the Aramaic: "For the One so loved the many that it gave a Child of Unity, so that whosoever would root their being in the Unity of the One would not fade with their form, but continue in the ever-living life."

Analysis and Internal and External
Transcendental Analysis is the extension of the Internal and External techniques of analysis, that employs a symbolic perspective of reality, in which the individual views the world and plays roles in a symbolic sense, so as to gain a greater understanding of the knowledge of the human and perhaps spiritual condition. {Dissertation: Transcendental Analysis}

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative
Represents the the individual's personal conception of the Metaphysical Ideal, Extra Mundane Authority and Antithetical Matrix on a scale between the Untouchable Class and Elite Classes as something higher or lower. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Antipodal Associative Paradigm
Represents the the individual's personal conception of the Additory and Subtractive Base on the scale of the Antipodal Associative Paradigm. For persons of lower stations the Comparative Base may be Middle Station as opposed to Upper or the Elite Class, as they may be unaware of the standards of higher stations and vice versa. The Transitive Comparative is a sliding Comparative Base relative to the conceptions or accessibility of the individual. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

External Analysis
Concepts carried around in the real world, as a context in which the individual relates everyday reality when applicable, as the study of concepts and definitions by observation in the three dimensions, as opposed to abstract instruction by book or instructors. {Dissertation: External Analysis}

Triadics are MetaProperties which are fundamental elements triadizised as transcending duality or for instance as physical and mental or body and mind are characterized by the MetaProperties of Condition and Context. The third transcendent is called Cognizance. At the moment there are five sets of Triadics or the MetaProperties of Condition, Context and Cognizance - the All, One and Null - the Whole, Part and Product - the Ego, Identities, Ipseities, and Incarnation, Spirit and Soul. {Dissertation : Properties}

Tandem w/ Pseudo-conservative and Progressive
Conservative means that a pre-existent state or condition is of greater value and consequence than progressed states that may replace it. The term Conservative includes the concepts of Conservative Spirituality, Ethics and Natural Affection. The term True Conservative seeks to distinguish between what is called Conservative today, but in reality is progressive and thus termed here as Pseudo-conservative. {Dissertations: Conservative/Progressive Dichotomy, Conservative and True Conservative}

Tandem w/ Untruth
The truth is any given quality, state or condition as it exists in actuality in any given past or present state. Truth is the accurate sensory recording of present circumstance, thinking and speaking. This means as accurate as the sensory system allows and which would be agreed upon by a majority of other's sensory systems. Truth is an accurate memory of present circumstance, thoughts and words. {Dissertation: Truth, Related: True Conservative}